Olympic Heroes… Goldie Sayers Javelin

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Goldie Sayers Javelin

Goldie Sayers javelin throwing, as part of Team GB at this year’s London Olympics has made her one of our Olympic heroes, for reals.

Goldie Sayers Javelin

Fourth at the Bejing Olympics, Olympic Javelin competitor Goldie Sayers is ready for this year – despite an injury setback earlier this month.

“I’ve had a passion for this sport for 17 years, you can liken it to being in love. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking, sometimes it’s hard work, but when it goes well it’s the best feeling in the world.

“The body is the most incredible tool we ever own and if the mind and body work together anything is possible.”

With amazing recent practice results, Goldie’s qualifiying event takes place on August 7th:

“It’s going to take further for gold in London but it was good practice in the rain. I hope everyone is going to be doing a rain dance in London because I think it would suit me. It’s been a long time coming and it’s very good timing, but as all athletes say, there’s definitely a lot more left in there so I just need to find how to get it out at the Games when it matters.”

See Goldie Sayers javelin in training:

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We look to influential and successful women as our inspiration and Goldie Sayers javelin is one such source.

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Goldie Sayers Javelin

(Photo via #takethestage)

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