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Enjoy a cheeky look at our theatrical London burlesque show with some audience reviews, feathers and a lot of fabulous women.

Our Burlesque Show Trailer

You see wonderful burlesque dancers in action. Dinah Might appears from behind her feather fans. Miss Glory Pearl gives herself a naughty spank. Annette Betty adds a little fire to her drink. While our poster girl Rubyyy Jones shimmies across the stage.

Our host Kele Le Roc struts around but you have to attend the show to be blown away by her live vocal performances. Nothing compares to it in person. You’ll just have to join our beautiful audience.

London burlesque dancer, Kiki Kaboom, is seen in an acting role, as she tickles the audience. Gillian MacGregor and Dympna Messenger team up with their wit and teasing wisdom. Alongside all this glamour and giggles, Chloe Ewart shows why she is the heart of our show with her emotional burlesque monologues.

Aaaand of course there’s our lovely audience. You can see their thoughts on the show including the fan who described our show as, “Jam packed full of sexy dancing, quirky stories and tit tassels. I would try burlesque now. It’s the creme of la femme.” You can also see our audience reviews from last year for the kind words we were sent.

We’d like to say a quick thank you to all the people who came along to see us and we hope to see young again. Bring a friend, wink.

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Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

Find out more about our unique burlesque show and join our mailing list.

Burlesque Show

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