Our Top Five Christmas Music Videos

We love the holiday festivities so we’re sharing our favourite burlesque-y and possibly OTT Christmas music videos as part of our countdown to the big day.

Our Top Five Christmas Music Videos

For a while now, a certain talent show has ruled the charts for Christmas number ones. Yet, sadly none of these have made our list. Maybe next year, ay. Instead we’re sharing the women who go all out and get in the seasonal spirit.

This list will grow in the run up to Christmas like the cheeky chocolate bars in any good advent calendar.

As will our favourite Pin-up and Burlesque Christmas Pictures.

1. Eartha Kitt

Christmas Music Videos

(Image from Giphy)

We doubt anyone is really surprised. This is one holiday anthem that is perfectly undisputed. Plus, we love this video! Eartha Kitt, wrapped in a fur stole, is joined by friends for this rendition of ‘Santa Baby’.

Her long lavish list of beautiful things, makes Eartha Kitt our kinda gal. Now we just have to hope that Santa is as good to us. Wink.

2. Mariah Carey

Christmas Music Videos

(Image from Giphy)

A sexy Santa onesie, hiding in a chimney and so much of the white stuff you’d think it’s the 80s. Yes, it can only be Mariah Carey and ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’.

OK, so she collaborated with Justin Bieber on this song in 2011 but ’tis the season for forgiveness. And she looked fantastic doing it, an amazing 17 years after the original.

3. The Pussycat Dolls

Christmas Music Videos

(Image from Fanpop)

The hawt girl group, The Pussycat Dolls, began in the 90s as an LA burlesque troupe led by Carmen Electra. After gaining press attention, creator Robin Antin scored them a lucrative record deal.

They then relaunched with a sexy new line-up fronted by Nicole Scherzinger. They’ve gone onto have number one hits, amazing collaborations and now star as panelists on reality TV shows.

Their origins story was even fictionalised into the Burlesque movie. Luckily during their transformation The Pussycat Dolls warmed up our winter months with this great video to cover our top hit, ‘Santa Baby’.

In 2003 Carmen Electra was at the forefront of this sultry and teasing burlesque rendition for VH1’s A Kid Rock Christmas. Enjoy!

4. Mean Girls Christmas Dance

Christmas Music Videos

(Image from Mean Girls Gifs)

The Mean Girls movie remains a hit and you can even go to quote-alongs in London. This scene is simultaneously cute, raunchy, hilarious and inappropriate. How could we not love it.

There’s also a long list of American actress’ in this scene with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams and of course, Lindsay Lohan. Unforgettable!

5. Alison Brie Christmas Glee

Christmas Music Videos

(Image from 9 to 5 Gifs)

First up was Mad Men actress, Alison Brie. She’s also featured in cult comedy, Community. This lovely lady previously starred in a burlesque video to celebrate the sitcom but this is one of the all-time best scenes from the show.

This episode sees the cast brainwashed into joining their college glee club. Alison Brie’s performance is a wonderful satire of the Glee TV show, Christmas music and how there’s no room for non-Christians in pop culture when the holidays hit. Love it!

See some women re-righting this wrong with The Schlep Sisters and Jewish Burlesque Dancing.

(Main image from Last.Fm)

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