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Watch this Pepe Deluxé video and find out why we’re simply enchanted.

Pepe Deluxé A Night and a Day Video

Pepe Deluxé

Electronic Finnish band, Pepe Deluxé released the ‘A Night and a Day’ video from their Queen Of The Wave album. The 50s B-movie trailer style and star, Anzimee the Modern Witch of Endor, are both, “Mystifying and alluring.”

As the video says, they introduce you to, “The most marvelous mystery of all time, the astounding magic of Anzimee the Modern Witch of Endor.” And marvellously, the actress’ real name is no less impressive, Geisha Natalie Montes de Oca Robles.

Geisha Montes is better known as a beauty pageant contestant and Miss Dominican Republic 2008. She even went onto compete in Miss World 2008.

This video sees her in a shiny bodysuit performing illusions before her turban-clad assistant Yol Gorro destroys the set with his guitar skills. We cannot help but love it.

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Pepe Deluxé

(Main image from Vimeo)

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