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Rubyyy Jones

Go behind the scenes of our photoshoot with burlesque dancer and muse, Rubyyy Jones. It has been worth the wait…

Rubyyy Jones Photoshoot

We first met the curvtastic burlesque performer, Rubyyy Jones at our first ever show. She was one of the beautiful people in our audience and was soon burlesque dancing in Burlexe.

We havn’t been able to get enough of Miss Rubyyy Jones ever since! In 2011 she joined us for the Elton John AIDS Foundation performance and bantered with Alan Carr. Then in 2012 she got her very own burlesque monologue to perform on our stage.

To celebrate the return of the Burlexe show for our Spring 2013 run, who else would we hook up with for a sexy, nude photoshoot. Enter Miss Rubyyy Jones. Swoon! Get a sneaky peek behind-the-scenes with our poster girl.

Rubyyy Jones Rubyyy Jones Rubyyy Jones

The wonderful make-up is courtesy of Nikki Marriott and styling from Miss Cairo. The photographer, Magnus Arrevad, came to us to take pictures of Boylexe for a book he’s creating about boylesque. He’s since become a friend and we were able to persuade him to come and take these shots, his first of burlesque.

Burlexe producer, Howard Wilmot, described our shows as, “An antidote to the size zero bullshit that the media likes to believe all women aspire to,” and the effervescent Jones perfectly portrays the classic style with a pop or two of the “now”.

Rubyyy Jones Rubyyy Jones

Posters will be available in our shop very soon so stay tuned for your very own slice of Burlexe empowerment. Until then, who needs an up-the-skirt shot when you’ve got photos like this, wink.

Rubyyy Jones

(Main image from Magnus Arrevad)

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