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Sabra JohnSin

American burlesque dancer, Sabra JohnSin is known for her vintage inspiration and sultry neo-burlesque style. Let us introduce you to this fiery-haired burlesque performer.

Sabra JohnSin Burlesque Gifs

Burlesque dancer, Sabra JohnSin hails from Austin, Texas. She adorns herself in red-hot vintage glamour. Not to mention her hair colour.

Sabra JohnSin started her career in beauty pageants and was on the road to Miss USA. Then took the unexpected choice to indulge her love of the Hollywood golden era, moving into pin up modelling and burlesque.

As a neo-burlesque performer, Sabra Johnsin takes the skills of old and imbues them with a little twist of the new. Whether it’s her handmade burlesque costumes or riding an elephant statue.

Sabra JohnSin Sabra JohnSin Sabra JohnSin

Sabrina JohnSin is known for bathing in a Martini glass, like someone else we all know. She also has her very own Sins, including Kierstin JohnSin, Ziggy JohnSin and Roxy VxySin.

She continues to connect with the LGBT community alongside her sins, Phearia JohnSin (Mr. J. Sin) and Zane JohnSin. The troupe formed in 2011 and spread the love with their dazzling revue.

You can see Sabra JohnSin share her views on burlesque with Jellifi. She speaks about what burlesque is as well as the difference between striptease and burlesque dancing.

Sabrina JohnSin debuted the burlesque routine from our final gif at Cirque du Burlesque. Watch her striptease and big finish upon an elephant:

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(Burlesque Gifs from K969)

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