The Best of Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2013

The Burlesque Hall of Fame posted on Facebook and Twitter asking fans what inspired them most at this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend. Undoubtedly, this duet got the most votes. Enjoy this teasing video of Ruthe Ordare and Villainy Loveless.

Best of Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2013

Burlesque Hall of Fame posted on Facebook and Twitter:


— Burlesque HallO’Fame (@burlesquehall) June 6, 2013

Some reacted with a personal response:


There was a well-deserved vote for Laurie Hagen, friend of Burlexe, winner of Most Innovative Performance and British burlesque icon.


Find out who won what at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2013.

Whereas, Pisa Cake opened up the love for Ruthe Ordare and Villainy Loveless:


Pisa Cake added on Facebook, “Absolutely beautiful. Brought me to tears, and I wasn’t alone. I plan on using that inspiration to polish my body image act. I don’t think I can touch their awesome, but I can smooth out the choreography a little and get it on stage again. #BHoFInspire”

Skarlet Feverish said, “I agree with Pisa Cake…honestly that act was particularly relevant to me at that moment when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of fitness model-ish bodies on stage. Thanks and bravo ladies—and by “Bravo” I mean not only well done, but also the etymological origin, BRAVE and BOLD.”

Ruthe Ordare and Villainy Loveless

Burlesque Hall of Fame

The beautiful burlesque duo, Ruthe Ordare and Villainy Loveless, have been praised for their voluptuous figures and we can see why. We’re loving their positive body image and all the support they have caused.

The pair are both burlesque performers from Vancouver. Ruthe Ordare has struggled in her day-job by standing up for her right to self expression and she continues to do it her way. While Villainy Loveless wrote of a particularly disheartening day at work that turned into the blog post, My Body is Amazing.

Check out the pair’s burlesque duet (below) which they performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend (final image). The duo were entered in the Best Duet category of Tournament of Tease. Though they didn’t win, we are more than happy to celebrate their burlesque dancing. Bravo ladies!!

Check out our burlesque muse, Rubyyy Jones.

Burlesque Hall of Fame

(Image from Reckless Photography)

Burlesque Hall of Fame

(Image by Jess Desaulniers-Lea)

Burlesque Hall of Fame

(Image by Voodoo Bill)

Burlesque Hall of Fame

(Image by Sam Morris)

Check out another of our favourite burlesque duos, The Buxotics including the reigning Miss Exotic World.

(Main image from Tiffany Ireland Photography)

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