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For the past year, Goodtime Mama Jojo aka. Jo King burlesque superstar, has been taking a break from the world of burlesque. Now she has returned from Spain to pursue a new wave of projects…

Goodtime Mama Jojo is Back!

Why are you back? I’m back in the UK to reunite with the wonderful Burlexe team. I’m really looking forward to our next series of collaborations and  I have lots of exciting projects to complete in the UK over the next couple of years – my one woman show being one of them.

I’m also here to teach my own brand of positive, confidence building feminine sensuality classes. I’ve realised by being away that being the only British Burlesque Legend, I actually belong in Britain. Plus I missed my friends!

What’s happening next? I’m writing my autobiography and working with Burlexe on a unique series of tutorials, which we’ll let you know more about in January. They will be true to the spirit of both the show and my experience as a confidence coach and burlesque teacher. As you’d expect with Burlexe, it’s going to be very special and different.

Why do you teach burlesque and self-confidence? I think that every woman should be given the skills to unleash her inner showgirl, goddess or superstar.

What are you looking forward to? I’m looking forward to performing again – I’ve missed being on stage – no matter how hard I try, you can’t keep a good stripper clothed.

Recommendations: Check out Burlesque Assassins starring one of my former students, the fabulous Kiki Kaboom and don’t forget to support your favourite nominees in the London Cabaret Awards. And of course, the Burlexe and Boylexe shows, both of which I’ve been heavily involved with and will be returning in 2013.

Lastly, Laurie Hagen’s innovative reverse striptease, see it in this video:

Laurie Hagen “Reverse Striptease” from Laurie Hagen on Vimeo.

Watch Goodtime Mama Jojo share her Burlesque Tips and Stories and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

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