The Velvet Hammer Burlesque Documentary

Last month we introduced The Velvet Hammer Burlesque with the beginning of their wondrous burlesque documentary. Now watch it in full.

The Velvet Hammer Burlesque

Velvet Hammer Burlesque

Following on from our The History of Burlesque Dancing, we’re now sharing the story of neo-burlesque. We began our tales of the burlesque revival by Introducing The Velvet Hammer Burlesque Documentary.

The LA burlesque club were known for their sell out fabulous burlesque shows. As a result they are dubbed as an instigator of the resurging interest in burlesque dancing. The first and second videos introduced you to the diverse bawdy cast and their variety show style.

The third instalment sees a bevvy of bendy ladies and limber lovelies, curvtastic cougars, mammary manipulating hot mamas and a splash of the erotic exotic. You’re treated to belly dancing bump ‘n’ grind. You can giggle at the sex kitten comedy of a ring master and horse. There’s even the variety show staple, male stand-up comedian.

You also get the burlesque stars you adore. There’s the return of Selene Luna, her comic stylings and undeniable stage persona. Since performing at the legendary LA burlesque club she has become a beloved, vivacious veteran of the burlesque dancing industry. Currently, she’s wowing audiences in the US as part of the Strip Strip Horray! tour.

You can see why the burlesque club repeatedly sold out their burlesque shows. The wide array of burlesque dancing, offered something for everyone and then some.

Part four of this burlesque documentary then begins with a naughty but nice Dorothy act. AND finally we see some raunchy Kitten de Ville action.

The last video doesn’t let up on the excitement, there’s even a tap-dance-off. The show ends with everyone burlesque dancing in debauchery on the stage. With a little change of music this scene could be a Harlem Shake video we’d love to see.

Watch the final part of the The Velvet Hammer Burlesque documentary:

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Velvet Hammer Burlesque

(Image by Marc Lecureuil)

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