Ten Enchanting Halloween Pin-up Girls

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Halloween Pin-up

There’s sexy Halloween costumes, cosplay-tastic ensembles and then there’s Halloween pin-up girls. Prepare for some coy coquettes showing how it’s done.

Ten Enchanting Halloween Pin-up Girls

Are you bored of the go-to “just add zombie make-up” Halloween costumes? Soooo over being a slutty-anything? Have you out-grown the pop culture laden get-ups?

Halloween Pin Up

(Gif from Giphy)

Well we gotchya. Halloween pin-up girls kept it simple, cheesecake and fun. Get inspired with our top ten enchanting vintage pin-up looks to die for.

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Eleanor Todd

Halloween Pin Up

(Image from Retro With Me)

Eleanor Todd was an actress of the 1950s and she looks like she’s having so much fun. Grab a black bodysuit and tights for a simple but fabulous pin up Halloween costume.

This outfit is all about the accessories and it is plain lovable. Just add some pin-up posing magic.

Olga San Juan

Halloween Pin Up

(Image from The Vintage Cat)

Actress, dancer and comedian of the 1940s, Olga San Juan has Halloween down in this set. A giant pumpkin, cats and a black two-piece, what more does a woman need.

Dusty Anderson

Halloween Pin Up

(Image from Sexy Witch)

Dusty Anderson shows off some Hollywood glamour in this Halloween pin-up photoshoot that has about 50 images. Wowser! This 1940s pin-up model turned actress evidently knows how to work it on a broomstick.

Bettie Page

Halloween Pin Up

(Image from Señorita Dinamit)

A list of pin-up girls would not be complete without the queen that is Bettie Page. Whether she’s cheesecake posing or sultry, Bettie Page proves you don’t have to show a lot of skin to be a teasing temptress.

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Cyd Charisse

Halloween Pin Up

(Image from Babble)

Cyd Charisse was an amazing 1950s dancer and actress. She proves it’s all about working what you’ve got as she shows off those legs for miles.

Ava Gardner

Halloween Pin Up

(Image from Valentino Vamp)

The iconic 1940s actress, Ava Gardner takes up the apparently popular witch mantle and flys away with it. Even the moon is staring at her.

Yvonne De Carlo

Halloween Pin Up

(Image from William The Wolf)

Beautiful actress, Yvonne De Carlo showed off her vamp side in sitcom, The Munsters. She also wasn’t afraid to turn up the heat in this spiderweb bikini. It’s drop dead gorgeous.

Clara Bow

Halloween Pin Up

(Image from Listal)

Silent movie star and 1920s actress, Clara Bow looks both sweet and sexy, especially with those ears. Clara Bow is another woman on our list who often did Halloween pin-up pics. There’s a lot to love about this icon of cinema and now you have one more reason.

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Betty Grable

Halloween Pin Up

(Image from Absurd Cinema)

It’s all about 1940s glamour and 40s actress and pin-up model, Betty Grable is one of the best. Her almost Peter Pan ensemble is both endearing and playful. We’d love to share some ghost stories with this wonderful woman.

Veronica Lake

Halloween Pin Up

(Image from Listal)

Femme Fatale and 40s actress, Veronica Lake brought her usual demure self to this witch Halloween pin-up look. Has a look of derision ever looked sexier?

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(Main image from The Vintage Cat)

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