Vintage Style Dressing Gown Now Available

Vintage Style Dressing Gown

The online Burlexe Boutique is here and our latest ensemble, this vintage style dressing gown is now available. See it in action in our short film.

Vintage Style Dressing Gown

Burlexe is all about giving you the tools of the showgirl trade to feel frickin’ fabulous. This includes our online lingerie store, the Burlexe Boutique.

We’ve teamed up with ethical lingerie and teasewear brand, Holloway-Smith Noir to design the exclusive Burlexe collection. First up is this beautiful vintage style dressing gown.

This satin dressing gown has been inspired by 1950s burlesque and flatters every woman’s shape. Not to mention the black and pink Burlexe colours.

We loved it so much it was worn by British actress, Emma Fisher, in our new short film series. She’s seen in a dressing room scene backstage at a burlesque show.

The art of burlesque is inherently imbued with vintage glamour and this modern take on a classic is no different. It’s lovingly handmade to add a touch of the stage to your boudoir.

Vintage Style Dressing Gown

Vintage Style Slip

That’s not the end of this nightwear, however, it has been paired with the matching vintage style slip. The straps have been lengthened to reveal nipple pasties in complimenting colours.

The black satin slip is completed with pink piping and bow at the back. This pair create the perfect layers to slowly peel off. Very slowly.

After the vintage style dressing gown is opened and removed, the back of the slip can slowly be pulled open. That’s where the slip can be true to its name.

Vintage Style Dressing Gown

Burlesque Film

You can watch Emma Fisher, this vintage style dressing gown and darling slip in action. Our satirical take on modern burlesque dancers is now to be missed.

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