Lingerie Advice

Burlexe has spoken to some lovely experts for their lingerie advice on what works best for under your dress.

Wedding Lingerie Advice

Valentine’s Day has just swooped by, romance is in the air and spring is tantalisingly close on the horizon. Deciding what to wear on your wedding day can be half the fun but choosing what to wear underneath can add to your outfit, spur on your confidence and add a touch more glamour to your ensemble. We’ve found out the tips and tricks to make your day comfortable, stylish and sexy.

What lingerie is best for under the wedding dress?

“Nude toned lingerie is always best under a wedding dress. Girls often think that if they’re wearing a white dress that they should also wear white lingerie – but it can show under lightweight fabric so it’s always best to go for a natural nude tone. Our peach Glamour shapewear is a big favourite for brides as it looks seductive but is made from strong power-mesh and contains spiral steel boning to enhance your curves in comfort. Darker skin tones have been neglected in the lingerie world and although we are working on a chocolate lingerie range in the meantime I’d head on over to being U a new lingerie brand which specialises in lingerie to match a variety of skin tones.”

– Katie, What Katie Did.

“Three ‘C’s to consider when choosing your wedding dress lingerie – comfort, curves and can I go to the loo in this? It’s a long day in underwear that isn’t comfortable. You want to be looking radiant and relaxed, not agitated by scratchy, pokey uncomfortable undies.”

– Julie, BooBoo Burlesque.

“If you’re going for a super slim fit then I think beautiful simple pieces would work really well, like well-fitting high-waisted briefs and a strapless bra, which has a lovely pin up feel and is also very elegant. I also really love this girdle from.”

Kiss Me Deadly.

Lingerie Advice

(Image from Kiss Me Deadly)

What’s the top wedding lingerie don’ts?

“Don’t wear nylon stockings if you’re hoping for hot weather, silk will let your skin breathe and stop any unpleasant odours when your husband pulls them off with his teeth.”

“To stop your garter falling down during the service, make sure it’s nice and tight and wear it just above the knee, your kneecap acts as an obstacle on its way to the floor, do tuck a gorgeous little hipflask of Hendricks Gin into it, to calm your nerves before the service and cheekily share with your husband before the speeches!”

– Alice Holloway-Smith, Holloway Smith Noir.

“Most brides opt for dresses that are very fitted at the top so a corset is a great choice that is also a very special and unique item so perfect for the wedding night, but some women will find them too uncomfortable to wear especially if they’ve never worn one before. A lightly boned basque might be better for these women as it provides gentle sculpting without actually ‘squeezing’ and there are plenty of options available both with and without straps, depending on the kind of dress the bride will be wearing.”

– Estelle Puleston, Esty Lingerie.

“Don’t assume that just because it looks gorgeous on the hanger and indeed gorgeous on you, that it will look right underneath your dress or outfit.  Don’t leave it until your big day to find out that it doesn’t.”

– Julie, BooBoo Burlesque.

Lingerie Advice

(Image from BooBoo Burlesque)

What underwear would you give bridesmaids as their wedding gift?

“Something cheeky and cute like one of our gifting tins!”

– Anna, Playful Promises.

“Depends if they’re single or not. Knickers are safer and more universally acceptable, we’ve just had a commission for sets of personalised knickers that match the colour scheme of the wedding and have the bridesmaid’s names embroidered on them. Pasties are fun for your bessie mates in serious relationships who might enjoy a little spice (matching colours are fun and a bit personal), especially if you have a burlesque inspired hen party. I wouldn’t risk it with wild single girlfriends though or older sisters; contrary to popular belief- weddings are not the best place to setup one night stands due to post-wedding-whoopie-close-circle-of-friends/family-awkward-situation syndrome. Alternatively a really luxurious pair of hold ups (stockings is a bit presumptive on your bridesmaids’ lingerie collection) if you’re on a budget.”

– Alice Holloway-Smith, Holloway Smith Noir.

“It’s always difficult buying lingerie for others as even if she’s wearing the right bra size, sizes can vary from brand to brand. Your best bet is to take your bridesmaids lingerie shopping for the afternoon. A lot of independent boutiques offer a bride and bridesmaid service and if you’re more used to shopping on the high street you’ll find the expert fitting service you receive at an independent boutique refreshing. At What Katie Did we have a private dressing area that can be pre-booked by small parties where you can sip champagne whilst we find the perfect lingerie for you.”

– Katie, What Katie Did.

We hope this year’s wedding season treats you well and, most importantly, have fun. To see our lovely ladies in very little, find out about our show here and buy your tickets here AND to shop with us head over to our boutique.

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Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

We’re interested in lingerie advice because we like to think burlesque has had at least a little influence on this latest lingerie trends and feeling good, wearing very little is what we’re all about.

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Lingerie Advice

(Main image from Love Audrey)

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