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We ask the best of UK burlesque dancers to answer: what is burlesque? Next up is Kittie Klaw from The Ministry of Burlesque for their Burlesque for Beginners DVD.

What is Burlesque?

Kittie Klaw

Miss Kittie Klaw is the founder of The Ministry of Burlesque. As a performer she creates both whimsical theatre and contemporary cabaret.

Her aims are listed as, “Promoting the beauty of individuality, the importance of perspective and the power of absurdity in successful self-expression.” Here here!

British burlesque dancer, Kittie Klaw, offers this informative video and the clip goes to the root of answering ‘what is burlesque?’. She looks at the original definition of the word.

This video then goes onto explain how the meaning of burlesque has changed. It notes that burlesque is a suggestive art form. This is in the sense of being risqué and/or through (political) satire.

As part of The Ministry of Burlesque’s DVD, Burlesque for Beginners, Kittie Klaw has also made other tutorials on burlesque history. One such example is the how and why behind twirling nipple tassels.

Gypsy Charms and Viva Misadventure also made a video with The Ministry of Burlesque. The pair demonstrated how to take your first burlesque step in style.

As part of the all-new Burlexe burlesque films we’ve been spreading the good word on burlesque dancing. See our answer to ‘what is burlesque’ in 70 seconds.

Learn more: Guide to Showgirl Burlesque with Bettsie Bon Bon.

(Image from Book of Burlesque)

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