What is Burlesque with London Burlesque Festival

London Burlesque Festival 2013 made this video to answer ‘what is burlesque?’ If you missed this festival then not to fear there’s more to come.

What is Burlesque?

London Burlesque Festival

(Eliza DeLite from Time Out London)

This video from the seventh annual London Burlesque Festival goes from the stage to behind the scenes of the ever growing London burlesque event. It sees clips from British burlesque dancers Bettsie Bon Bon, Miss Banbury Cross and so much more.

Backstage, burlesque dancers such as Delilah Diamonds and Honey Moon also share what burlesque means. Honey Moon discusses the different burlesque styles. She names acrobaticsstriptease and singing.

Burlesque allows performers to showcase their many talents alongside being professional peelers. What differentiates one burlesque dancer from another is often known as their gimmick.

There are also many genres of the art form that are celebrated at the London Burlesque Festival. Whether you’re a fan of comedy, classic showgirl or grotesque burlesque, there’s a place on the burgeoning burlesque scene.

London Burlesque Festival producer, Chaz Royal is also interviewed. He talks about how he got into the burlesque industry and the development of the London Burlesque Festival.

Although we know he has a lot more to say on what burlesque means. You can get more from checking out his book, Burlesque Poster Design: The Art of Tease.

If you missed the ten day London Burlesque Festival 2013 spectacular then not to fear! There’s a four day encore in July 2013. The LBF Encore Shows include Hollywood Revue, Crown Jewels, Sexy Circus Sideshow and Burlesque, Gin & Jazz.

The events take place between 18th-21st July and you can now grab your tickets on their website. We can’t wait.

You can get more answers to: what is burlesque? There’s the  Ministry of Burlesque founder, Kittie Klaw, former Las Vegas showgirl, Margaret Tully and London burlesque dancer, Honey Wilde.

The Burlexe cast also answers ‘what is burlesque’ in the all-new Burlexe burlesque films and all in 70 seconds.

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