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This Is Cabaret

There’s a new must-know blog in town and it’s called This Is Cabaret. We already had a lil collab with them because, yes, we’re that good.

The Burlexe show is taking a break after the 25th April 2012 show. We’re exploring more stories behind the people in burlesque and may even be looking to hold more auditions next year but don’t worry we’ve still got plenty more from behind the curtain.

When This Is Cabaret Met Burlexe

Currently we’re lovin’ new blog on the block, This is Cabaret. It’s made up of amazing cabaret and theatre industry writers and contributors, highlighting the best in UK cabaret and cross-genre shows. This is Cabaret launched last week and continues to add fantastically interesting content every day.

Burlexe‘s very own producer Howard Wilmot popped up on the site yesterday with an article about Reinventing the Cabaret Wheel.

This Is Cabaret

Howard shared his top five tips for keeping competitive and getting attention in today’s cabaret economy. Here’s some other articles that demonstrate these five steps in action.

1. Work with the Very Best

Check out our burlesque interviews from last year and get a glimpse into the up and coming stars of the London burlesque dancing scene who have all performed in our show. With international burlesque stars like Luna Rosa and Kiki Kaboom we cannot complain.

While London Academy of Burlesque founder, Jo King, has hosted, acted and burlesque danced in our show. And did we mention she’s our burlesque guru?

2. Be Different

The Burlexe show is a theatrical London burlesque show. It’s, as we like to think of it, the Vagina Monologues of burlesque. It has something to say, stories to tell, women to strip and a powerhouse singer in Kele Le Roc, for good measure.

Just one example is our Burlexe Burlesque Monologue written for and performed by Luna Rosa.

3. Make it Interesting

Alongside current London burlesque performers, we talked to burlesque legends like Satan’s Angel and Dee Milo. All these stories come together and are performed by the likes of Chloe Ewart to show the depth, passion, laughs and heartbreak that are behind burlesque.

4. Everyone’s got an Opinion

Howard Wilmot said, “If you play by the rules, you end up with something banal.” So, get feedback, the good and the bad, but know your own mind and vision. It’s your show, after all.

We always celebrate our reviews and thankfully have received many kind words, of course our favourites are all yours. We’ve had our 2011 audience reviews and the beautiful people who attended our 2012 run. Not forgetting, The Kiki Kaboom Show reviews.

5. Social Media Rocks

You may have noticed we’re not afraid of a tweet here or a few selfies there. You can join us everywhere! Facebook? We’ve got that. Twitter? Yes! YouTube much? Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest? We’ll please your peepers. We practice what we preach.

Keep an eye on This is Cabaret and follow them on Twitter and Facebook too, for the latest in late night entertainment musings. Until then enjoy our trailer and see what these tips look like in practice:

Find out about our special offer A Day with British Burlesque Legend Jo King.

Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

Find out more about our unique burlesque show and join our mailing list.

This Is Cabaret

(Images from This Is Cabaret)

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