Why Satan’s Angel is a True Burlesque Star

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Satan's Angel

British burlesque legend, Goodtime Mama Jojo tells us why Satan’s Angel is an inspirational women in the world of burlesque dancing and beyond.

Why Satan’s Angel is a True Burlesque Star

On 22nd February, Goodtime Mama Jojo will be showcasing a brand new burlesque monologue in Burlexe. It’s based on burlesque pioneer and trailblazer, Satan’s Angel. She’s the ‘Queen of the Fire Tassels’, whom we were fortunate enough to interview at the end of last year.

Words can’t express how much we love and respect Satan’s Angel. The mere words ‘role model’ don’t quite cut it.

Now she’s being played by our very own burlesque guru who better to talk about this amazing woman? We caught up with British burlesque legend, Goodtime Mama Jojo to hear her wonderful words.

She said, “In 2008, I was privileged and thrilled to meet Satan’s Angel in Vegas. Her incredible stage presence, ballsy attitude and obvious confidence in her own sexual power make her every millimetre a true burlesque star. She is a rare and stunning force!

“There’s all sorts of burlesque: pretty, funny, cute etc. But Angel gets it better than anyone else I’ve known. She doesn’t need to try. She built the school and burnt it down again. That’s what I love about her.

“And it’s going to be fantastic to play someone I admire and identify with. She’s a gutsy broad and I like to think I am too. We were doing burlesque and striptease when it wasn’t acceptable to be doing it. And we didn’t give a shit, we did it because that’s what we wanted to do. We did it because we loved it.”

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(Main image: Dallas Observer)

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