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Women in News

This is the latest instalment in our monthly women in news roundup. We’ve got talented and inspirational women, burlesque news and of course celeb stalking Dita Von Teese. It’s your one-stop-shop for all the uplifting and titillating women’s news.

Women in the News Roundup February 2015

We look to strong and influential women as our inspiration. Likewise, the world of burlesque and the woman who fuses the two, Dita Von Teese.

Now we’re combining all these elements in our news roundup to give you one quick and easy way to catch up on women in news. Hold onto your pasties because there’s a lot going on.

Women in News

Women in News

(Image from HelloGiggles)

This month we were inspired by ModCloth and their latest add campaign. They’d already been the first retailer to officially make an anti-Photoshop pledge for which they get all kinds of love.

Now, their swimwear line has been modelled by women who represent a range of sizes but that’s not all. These “models” are actually their own employees. Now that’s how you deliver on a promise. Simply stunning.

We’re also loooooving Nadia Lee Cohen and her new nude photograph series to show the power of the naked body. It’s certainly NSFW but see her snaps at Huffington Post.

For those fans of lingerie, we’ve gotchya. Elle offered the legacy of sexy lingerie which is our favourite kind of history lesson. We feel smarter already.

Burlesque News

Women in News

(Image from Central Track)

This month we’ve been wowed by the international spreading of the good word on burlesque and beyond. First up, in Houston abc13 News went behind the feather boas.

The head of International Black Burlesque, Sinnator Charlotte then told wdet 101.9 FM about her annual Detroit burlesque show. Noir Night explores black history through a different lens and we love it.

Meanwhile, Pin-Ups for Vets are at it again and fundraising for wounded warriors, according to abc7 News. Using their powers of tease for good. Yes!

Whereas, Durban, South Africa sees a new theatrical burlesque show, Decadence, following the fall of burlesque. Find out more about Blunt Productions latest venture on Tonight.

In the meantime, The Burlesque Chef told the Irish Examiner why women need to ditch the guilt and fall in love with food again. Here here.

The Daily Telegraph also spoke to Miss Burlesque NSW, Memphis Mae. She told them, “Burlesque isn’t all about being overtly sexual and showing off your body.”

Closer to home, British burlesque dancer, Eliza DeLite told the Leicester Mercury what burlesque means to her. She said, “Taking clothes off is not really a huge deal – for me, the emphasis is on creating something interesting for the audience.” We concur.

It seems the burlesque boom is continuing for another month so why not enjoy it in action. See pics from the seventh annual Dallas Burlesque Festival on  Central Track.

Dita Von Teese News

Women in News

(Image by Albert Sanchez)

LA burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese has had a typically busy month. Red carpet events and interviews galore.

Dita told news.com.au her opinions on how sex appeal isn’t skin deep. She said, “There’s a lot of focus we put on youth and traditional beauty but the women with the real power are the women who have taken time to cultivate other aspects of their lives.” Also, look out for the request she received from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Dita Von Teese talked turn-ons, modern dating and seduction with IBTimes whilst throwing a few tips our way. She said, “I like to call myself a “glambassador”. I believe in glamour and sensuality and using these tools in everyday life, not just to put on a show for men.”

Glambassador? I think we’ll steal that one. Thanks Dita. Until next month lets enjoy her doing what she does best.

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Women in News

(Main image from Central Track)

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