Women in the News Roundup October 2014

Women in the News

This is the latest instalment in our monthly women in news roundup. We’ve got famous and influential women, burlesque news and of course celeb stalking Dita Von Teese. It’s your one-stop-shop for all the inspiring and titillating women’s news.

Women in the News Roundup October 2014

We look to strong and influential women as our inspiration. Likewise, the world of burlesque and the woman who fuses the two, Dita Von Teese.

Now we’re combining all these elements in our news roundup to give you one quick and easy way to catch up on women in news. Hold onto your pasties because there’s a lot going on.

Famous Women in the News

Women in the News

(Image from Euro News)

We may be cheating here but Eurovision 2014 winner and bearded lady, Conchita Wurst made headlines this week. The famed songstress joined the cast of Paris burlesque club, Le Crazy Horse.

She told Euro News, “I love being a woman on stage, and I’m not a biological woman, so this is something special in the first place, that I’m the first ‘special lady’ in this show, but I really feel comfortable being a lady on the stage.

“This kind of sexiness is something different. I mean, they’re real women, you know what I mean? So I really have to find also this side of my female character.”

Kylie Minogue also gave her own nod to the infamous Parisian burlesque dancers during her Kiss Me Once tour. She wore a burlesque costume and posed on a lips sofa (top pic). Ooh la la. See more on CelebMafia.

October seems to be the month for racy celeb burlesque renditions. Janel Paris of Pretty Little Liars was accused of not representing burlesque with her hot and heavy routine on Dancing with the Stars.

She defended her latest performance on the Franchise Herald. You can judge for yourself right here.

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Burlesque News

Women in the News

(Image from Stella Chuu)

Last month Facebook suffered a backlash from the burlesque and drag queen communities after forcing users to use their real names. This month protests forced Facebook to rescind and apologise, according to The Guardian.

October also saw more more more burlesque festivals. The New Zealand Burlesque Festival was covered by Scoop.

Meanwhile, Danielle Colby spoke about the Iowa Burlesque Festival on WQAD8. Whilst, closer to home Bristol Burlesque Festival organiser Tuesday Laveau spoke to South West Business.

Burlesque dancing is going from strength to strength and getting more headlines than ever. The Telegraph even gave their top five burlesque dancers of all time.

The latest modern burlesque performer to receive buzz is Stella Chuu with her brand of nerdlesque. This must-see burlesque video from the New York cosplayer has got everyone talking.

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Dita Von Teese News

Women in the News

(Image from Style Bistro)

LA burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese has once again spoken about how burlesque offers a different form of sensuality. She also called it absolutely feminist. Read the full story on The Huffington Post.

She then shared her advice for showing off your bra with The Fashion Spot. If you’re not ready to commit to underwear as outerwear then pay attention.

She said, “The best way to show your lingerie off and still look elegant is to notice if you’re going to show a lot of cleavage and the edging of the lace of your bra or bustier. You want to keep it balanced and keep the rest of your outfit really classic, taking note of your hemline.”

Following her cameo with 30 Seconds to Mars and collaboration with Monarchy, Dita Von Teese has also appeared in another music video. This time she joins South African hip-hop, husband and wife duo, Die Antwoord.

The music video also sees Dita’s ex-husband, Marilyn Manson and supermodel, Cara Delevingne, among others. Get ready for weird.

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(Main image The Daily Mail)

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