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Glitter Roots

Try the latest hairstyle trend with glitter roots, our easy hair tutorial and inspirations. Use these tips for a mess-free finish.

Glitter Roots

Working your grown-out roots first hit headlines with the ombré hair trend. Then crayola hair got that much easier with chalk. Now the latest hairstyle trend is all about the sparkles.

Once again skipping an appointment with your hairstylist is an opportunity to try a DIY beauty look. Glitter roots are the perfect technique to try for the festive and festival seasons.

It has already been championed by young celebrities and sprinkled throughout the Insta-bait extravaganza that is Coachella. In fact glitter roots began on Instagram and have since gone viral.

Rock fun, feminine and fabulous glitter roots with our easy hair tutorial below.

Easy Hair Tutorial

To achieve mess-free glitter roots you will need gel, a brush, a pot and glitter. Our glitter tattoo kits can be used for all that glitz. Whereas, a colouring brush is a handy way to get even application.

One way to create glitter hair is by applying gel and sprinkling on those sparkles. This, however, can be messy and waste plenty of the good stuff.

Instead, adding some glitter to a pot and mixing in some gel can give a quicker, cleaner finish. Just paint it on using your brush and voila!

Hairstyle Ideas

Popular hairstyles to match this look are spacer buns, bunches and plaits. Breaking out the hand-mirror can help to precisely dab the rear parting(s).

The gel will harden the hair too so putting it up or pinning it back is hassle free. It also shows it off.

It’s also fashionable to match an unnatural hair colour with glitter roots for an entirely modern hairstyle. As you can see, pink and grey work wonderfully but it shines on every hair colour.

Alternative Application

A more subtle glitter hair idea is replacing gel with wax and brushing through. The night sky motif allows you to have your hair down. It’s also ideal for any event. FYI these hair tutorials can be used to create a glitter beard too.

Try more of our tutorials with glitter tattoos, glitter eye makeup and glitter lips. Sprinkle even more glitter in your life with our answer to: what is burlesque?

(Images from: thedisneylandprincess, randomactsofpastel, tashaleelyn, loveecolourr and thegaybeards)

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