Vintage Curls for Long Hair

Easily achieve instant glamour with vintage curls for long hair. Here’s the best tutorials for natural hair and wigs.

Vintage Curls for Long Hair

Many women spend weeks and months growing out their hair just to pull it back and pin it up. Vintage curls for long hair make the most of that length.

Think 1940s hairstyles for long hair like the screen siren Veronica Lake. Forties hair has also been seen on the red carpet and, of course, daydream queen, Lana Del Rey.

This is the ideal hairstyle for an evening out and goes with every outfit. Pair with cat eyeliner and red lipstick to complete the retro beauty look.

Forties hairstyles don’t take as long as you’d think either because of the war era it was all about frugality. To achieve vintage curls for long hair you need curling tongs, pins, clips and a soft brush.

You can begin this vintage hair straight from the shower and get dressed whilst the pin curls do their job. Here’s two quick and easy ways to create glamorous vintage curls for long hair.

Pin Curls Long Hair

This first tutorial is from John Frieda UK which means they pile on the products and showcase their tools. You, however, can use your trusted go-to spray and tongs.

They begin from wet hair, using a volumiser and then blow-dry. To achieve the vintage curls they first use the tongs and then pin. Brush out, spray, style and voila!

Hollywood Waves

Beauty vlogger, Peyton Charles, shows how easy it is to achieve flawless vintage curls on her lace frontal wig. The trick with this hairstyle for long hair is uniformity.

Create the curls by wrapping the hair around the tongs piece by piece but always in the same direction. Then again brush, style and voila!

Short hair lovelies can try this Vintage Updo Hairstyle and enjoy our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Images: Sarah Palmer, Fashion Corner, Luka B., Ram Riot and Vintage Vandal.)

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