Two Tone Lips

Make a statement with one of the hottest makeup trends around: two-tone lips. You can easily achieve a fuller and fabulous pout with our top five how to do two toned lips makeup tutorials. You’ll seriously want to kiss us!


Our Five Fave Two-Tone Lips Looks

Here at Burlexe HQ we love lips. Whether you like a matte or glossy finish, bold and bright or dark lipstick and vampy lips, we feel ya sister.

We also like to take makeup looks to the next level as they make a statement whether on stage or in your everyday. Now we’re bringing this all together with one of our fave new makeup trends.

Enjoy our top five two-tone lips looks and follow our Pinterest board for more beauty inspo.

Highlighting and Contouring Makeup

Two Toned Lips

(Image from Indulgy)

The simplest use of two-tone lips can make your lips appear fuller. You can achieve this through highlighting and contouring makeup.

By putting white eyeliner on the center of your top and bottom lip, it creates a stronger 3D lip effect. It’s the perfect addition to your everyday beauty regime plus it’s quick and easy.

How to do Highlighting and Contouring Makeup

(Image from Divine Caroline)

Advanced Contouring and Highlighting Makeup

Two Tone Lips

(Image from Pinterest)

Another contouring and highlighting makeup trick is to put a lighter colour foundation, concealer or highlighter on your cupid’s bow. You can also experiment with different colours.

This look uses a matte high fashion finish in gold to draw the eye. You can also choose a lighter shade of your lipstick or something brighter for the summer sun. But, keep it matte for longer stay and the full effect.

Two-Tone Glitter Lips

Two Tone Lips

(Image from Ebay)

If, like us, you lo-ove glitter lips then why not try your lipstick in one colour and the glitter in a complimenting shade. The easiest way to do this is to apply loose glitter.

By using a more glossy lipstick, you can make sure that the loose glitter stays put. Then pout and pose.

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Ombre Lips

Two Tone Lips

(Image from Makeup Talk)

Ombre isn’t just for hair any more. You can also use it on your nails and yes, even your lips. Below is a simple two-toned lips makeup tutorial but if you’re feeling daring and creative why not try different colours.

The top image and above pic are perfect examples of what can be achieved. You can also use a glitter gloss over a matte lipstick to get more dazzling finishes.

Makeup Looks 2013

(Image from Makeup)

Split Two-Toned Lips

Two Tone Lips

(Image from Sephora)

This two-tone lips delight offers the perfect summer bold pout. For this pristine finish, you’re going to want to nail our lipstick makeup tips and tricks for beginners.

You will also need a primer, lip liner, lipstick and translucent powder. First use a primer and apply your chosen shades of lip liner. Then add three coats of lipstick, using the blot and reapply method. I.e. one coat, blot, next coat etc. This gives added stay.

Finally, put a thin tissue over your lips and dab on the powder or directly use the powder, depending on how visible it is. This will give a matte finish and keep the lipstick where you want it. Now pucker up!

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(Main image from Sandra’s Closet)

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