How to Apply Eyeshadow Step by Step

We share our top tips for how to apply eyeshadow step by step. These burlesque makeup basics can be the building blocks for any beauty look in any season.

How to Apply Eyeshadow Step by Step

Before applying eyeshadow it’s best to learn and master the basics. Our eye makeup tips for beginners help sculpt eyebrows, nail eyeliner and get those statement eyelashes.

We’ve already shared our favourite ways to apply glitter eyeshadow and now we’re exploring how to shade. This provides the perfect technique to take you from day to night. Here’s how to apply eyeshadow step by step.

Applying Eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow Step by Step

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A quick and easy way to get complimenting colours of eyeshadow is in a palette. Otherwise some experimentation can be fun.

Learning how to apply eyeshadow step by step starts with the lightest shade. Then you go down the list using progressively darker hues.

It’s also a good idea (or a must for beauty addicts) to use a blending brush. This creates a seamless finish but a cue-tip or finger can do the blending in a pinch.

If your highlighting shade is in fact a highlighter then you can also add it to the inside of the eye. This accentuates the area and makes the eye look bigger.

An eyeshadow palette of neutral colours is ideal for everyday wear. Whilst pastel shades are spot on for summer.

Top tip: Apply eyeshadow before foundation to easily correct any smudges without having to reapply all your other makeup. This is particularly useful when using darker shades for an evening look.

Evening Eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow Step by Step

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If you have more time and want a more glamorous look to take you to the evening you can shade the entire eye area. Stronger colours can also be used for a greater impact.

Once again, a highlighter can be used on the inner eye and below the eyebrow arch. Similarly, in the waterline you can use white eyeliner to help the eyes appear wider. (You can see this effect in the top image.) Whereas black eyeliner in the waterline has the opposite effect.

Top tip: You can emphasize your eyes even more with mascara,no falsies required.

Check out our Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

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