How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow Step by Step

We share our top makeup tips on how to apply smokey eyeshadow step by step. These burlesque beauty basics can create a great evening look in any season.

How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow Step by Step

Before applying smokey eyeshadow it’s best to learn and master the basics. Our eye makeup tips for beginners help sculpt eyebrows, nail eyeliner and get those spider eyelashes.

We’ve already shared our favourite ways to apply glitter eyeshadow and now we’re exploring how to apply smokey eyes. This provides the perfect technique for a smouldering evening look. Plus, a bonus quick and simple technique for this festival season.

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Tools for Applying Smokey Eyeshadow

How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow Step by Step

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Before applying smokey eyeshadow you will need a base, either your usual foundation or concealer or an eye primer. Either way, this will help create a base texture for the eyeshadow to stay put and even.

There are several ways to apply smokey eyeshadow. Depending on your look you will either need a pencil eyeliner or an eyeshadow colour pallette of earthy tones. Plus, your usual method for applying eyeliner.

Top tip: Many people see black eyeliner as having an aging effect once past your twenties and thirties. Elizabeth Arden advises toning down the colour with age to browns, bronze or taupe for a youthful glow.

Whichever colours or technique you’re using, you will need blending tools. This can include all manner of makeup brushes or if you’re in a pinch, some cotton buds. Now you’re ready to get started.

Top tip: Smokey eye makeup can be a little messy due to smudges. Try applying eyeshadow before the rest of your makeup to save time on clean-up and re-application.

How to do Smokey Eyes for the Evening

How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow Step by Step

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A flawless smokey eye like above begins as always with a base. Unlike the picture above, however, we recommend starting with the lightest eyeshadow colour. Then working across the eyelid.

Many smokey eyeshadow tutorials also use layers. Beginning with the palest tone on the inside of the eye, then the mid-tone across the entire eyelid and ending with the darkest on the outside corner and crease.

Top tip: Marie Claire suggests using a cream eyeshadow over the base and a matching powder colour over the top. This will give more staying power for those balmy summer evenings.

Finally, apply the top eyeliner and like above you can draw across half the crease of the eye and fill in the wing. Then take a blending brush to smudge the eyeliner and fill in a third of the eye.

You can follow this by applying black eyeliner in your bottom waterline and even blending across the bottom lid.

Top tip: Using highlighting and contouing makeup can widen the eye. This can be applied to the inside of the eye and brow bone. To given the illusion of even bigger eyes, white eyeliner can also replace black on the bottom waterline.

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Smokey Eye Makeup to Rock Daytime Glamour

How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow Step by Step

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A quick and easy way to get smokey eyes is using your black eyeliner pencil. By smudging your eyeliner to create an eyeshadow effect then re-applying your top eyeliner, you can be ready to go in now time.

Top tip: Smokey eyshadow is quite a powerful and dramatic eye look. It’s best to team this with a matte nude or understated pale pink lip. This will let your eyes wow without over-doing it.

This beauty look is perfect for festivals and bawdy bad girls everywhere. Again, this can be applied with different shades of eyeliner to compliment your eyes and outfit.

Complete with some rough and ready bottom eyeliner then two coats of mascara (or even better spider lashes). Voila!

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