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We’re not surprised she’s finding it hard to open those peepers with that much sparkle. Here’s our quick tips and teasing tricks, for burlesque glitter eye makeup. Now everyone can wow with a dazzling, teasing glance.

Burlesque Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas

The internet has lots of makeup tutorials for every look. Finding the best ones can seem like a big task. These are our favourite tutorials to create burlesque glitter eye makeup in the comfort of your own home.

This can be a great way to add some sparkle to your evening wear or sparkle in the spotlight. Add some vintage glamour into your look with these dos and don’ts that will help you on your way to an unforgettable gaze.

Burlesque Beginners

To get started, nail the basics with Burlesque Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners. Once you’ve got those sculpted brows, kohl eyeliner, cat eyes and spider eyelashes down then get some inspiration. Check out these different glitter eye makeup styles.

Check out Dita Von Teese’s Make Up Tips.

Glitter Eyeshadow

Little Miss Makeup TV glitter eyeshadow tutorial is perfect for a night on the town. It’s relatively simple and quick.

They begin, like most, with a base. They then apply silver eyeshadow on the lid and along the waterline, underneath the eye. The eye shadow colour depends on what colour glitter you will apply. It’s best to start with matching shades and experiment later.

The make-up tutorial goes onto apply black eyeliner, not in the water lines and mascara. You can use pencil, liquid or gel for this. Whichever technique you’re comfortable with.

Then it’s glitter glue and application time. Get their step-by-step guide and watch the glitter eye makeuup video:

Whereas, Chrisspy offers a glamour packed makeup tutorial. Her video is perfect for photoshoots and burlesque performances. Wink.

This is more time consuming and it’s a good idea to watch any of these videos before you get started. There’s quite a few products involved so you’ll want to have them to hand.

She also gives a very good eye makeup tip. For the glitter glue Chrisspy uses glitter eyeliner because it’s more accessible than other glitter adhesives. Genius. Check out this eye makeup tutorial:

Glitter Smokey Eye

To get full-on smokey eye definition to your eye shape and makeup you can follow these steps.

Glitter Eye Makeup

Now Alana Dawn combines this with glitter. She offers this dramatic eye makeup video. If her pale pout is distracting you, learn how to achieve this lip shade here.

She uses a silver glitter eye shade as a prom how-to but it can equally be used wherever you want to add a little drama. It’s perfect for formal occasions, fun hen parties and going to burlesque shows. Dream with us:

Check out Dita Von Teese’s Beauty Book for even more makeup tips.

60s Glitter Gaze

YouTube star, Tanya Burr, re-creates glittery 60s glamour inspired by Twiggy and more recently, Alexandra Burke. Expect black eyeliner through the crease, winged out from the eye-line and beautiful brows. Plus sparkles! What more could you want?

Get the perfect rouge pout with Red Lip Makeup Tips for Beginners and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Image from World of Wonder)

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