Glitter Lips

Trying some burlesque glitter lips can be a daunting task but we’re here to share our quick tips and teasing tricks for burlesque glitter lipstick. Now everyone can sparkle with a dazzling pout.

How to Glitter Lips

The internet has a lotta makeup tutorials for how to apply lipstick. Finding the best ones can seem like a big task. This is our list of wisdom on how to glitter lips in the comfort of your own home.

Adding glitter lipstick to your makeup bag of tricks is a great way to sparkle in any season. Put a dash of daring glamour into your look with these dos and don’ts to achieve the perfect pout.

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Burlesque Beginners

Glitter lipstick, whether store bought or DIY, are the perfect way to shine in the spotlight. Glitter lips catch the light and add another dimension to your makeup. It can also be a bold look for a night at a burlesque show perhaps. Wink.

There are many different ways to pull off this lip look. You can be subtly cute like Katy Perry, go glitter crazy like Lady Gaga or 3D like Jessie J. If you’re not on stage, it’s customary to keep your eye makeup simple. This will keep the attention on your lips.

Glitter Lips

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Pretty in Pink Glitter Lipstick

Simple pink glitter lipstick is delightful for summer fun and bold shades provide that extra pop. There are several tools you will need to achieve this makeup look.

Lip Stalker suggests lip balm, lip liner, gloss, lipstick, glitter gloss and loose glitter. Once you have the technique down then you can experiment with colour.

Paint it Red Glitter Lipstick

For a more professional application technique Little Miss Makeup provides this how-to. By beginning with a lip liner and painting on both the lipstick and the glitter lipstick, you end up with a sleek finish. You can also read their step by step guide.

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3D Glitter Lips

Vintage or Tacky is begins chatty and if you’re not a fan stick with it or skip ahead. Her beauty tutorial offers simple eye makeup and a 3D glitter lips finish.

If you want more more moooore glitter and pizazz, then this is the how-to for you. This neutral eye makeup also goes perfectly with all these lip styles.

Glitter Lip Tattoos

Temporary lip tattoos are a clean and new way to apply lip makeup. Kandee Johnson shares the wonderful story of how Violent Lips was invented. They also come in a wide range of amazing colours and designs.

The only issue may be trimming the lip tattoos to fit your lips but they’re worth it. We recommend that you measure them with the white side facing the mirror, unlike this video. You’ll be able to see more clearly which line fits your lip.

We highly recommend giving them a whirl. They’re long lasting and look great!

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Rhinestone Lips

If 3D wasn’t enough for you and tattoo sticking didn’t grab your attention, take it up a notch with rhinestone lips. Klaire de Lys has lots of top tips to get this out-there look.

She recommends an eye primer, rather than a lip primer, as it has more staying power. You can use whichever colour you choose and she also suggests using your liner to tidy your lips as the primer has already provided your base. She then uses eyelash glue to apply the rhinestones. What do you think?

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(Main image from Juneberry Lane)

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