How to do Highlighting and Contouring Makeup

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How to do Highlighting and Contouring

How to do highlighting and contouring makeup for every face shape. This makeup tutorial is perfect for everyday beauty, nights out and stage makeup.

How to do Highlighting and Contouring Makeup

Kim Kardashian and her whole clan are a daily lesson in how to do highlighting and contouring makeup. They take the blame for kicking off this beauty trend that is everywhere. (If Pinterest is to be believed.)

The aim of facial contouring makeup is to conceal, brighten, bronze, blush and highlight different sections of your face. This emphasises good angles and draws the eye to where you want it most.

Contouring and highlighting makeup is the perfect trick for selfies, photoshoots and the stage. It can also be used for added oomph in your everyday beauty arsenal.

We’re sharing the best advice from the interwebs for how to do highlighting and contouring makeup. Try these handy tips and tricks then thanks us the next time your friend whips out their camera on the dancefloor.

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Best Contouring Makeup Basics

How to do Highlighting and Contouring

(Image from LuLu’s)

How to do highlighting and contouring makeup is dependent on your face shape (see more below) and personal preference. The main elements are highlighter (HL), bronzer (BR) and blush (BL), as seen above.

For applying makeup in this style you will also need a contouring brush and/or blush brush. It’s all about shading but if you’re using powder (bronze/blush/highlighter) then a blush brush can give you softer tones.

Top tip: Use a foundation one shade darker rather than bronzer for a more subtle effect. Likewise, use one shade lighter for highlighting.

How to do Highlighting and Contouring

(Image from DIY & Crafts)

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Contouring Makeup Tips

There are lots of ways to use highlighting and contouring makeup. Yet, this regimen is high maintenance for most.

To keep it for a special occasion or just to jazz-up the basics for a night out, there’s the supermodel approach. This style adds a few extra ingredients for more pop.

Alongside a concealer, there’s a luminizer for a little sparkle. Whereas, the brightener is just a highlighter in disguise.

Top tip: Always apply your concealer after your foundation otherwise the effect will get smudged and lose effectiveness.

How to do Highlighting and Contouring

(Image from Pinterest)

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Face Shape Makeup

Contouring makeup for your face shape relies on knowing your face shape. Once you’ve had a good look in the mirror you can tailor applying makeup accordingly.

These celeb faces show how it’s done. We told you everyone is doing it.

How to Highlighting and Contouring

(Image from Beauty Revealed)

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Highlighting Makeup Advanced Class

We’ve shown you a lot of facial contouring and now it’s time for the master class. Highlighting can also be used with other techniques to emphasise your facial features.

This has all been hinted at above but here are two of our favourite advanced moves. They both achieve a fuller look with 3D magic.

Fuller Lips

Alongside a highlighter and illuminizer, you can use a simple lip pencil. By using a white, lighter or nude lip pencil you can make your lips look fuller, no surgery required.

How to do Highlighting and Contouring

(Image from Divine Caroline)

Eye Highlights

This technique is a two-parter. Firstly, you can use different shades in the same colour pallet for eye definition.

This can be as simple as a light shade on the middle of the lid and darker on the outside corner and crease. It can also go a lot further as this makeup tutorial shows.

Highlighting and Contouring Makeup

(Image from Glamour)

Secondly, you can use highlighting makeup on the centre of your lid, on your brow bone and on your inner eye. Alternatively, apply white eyeliner or a light shimmer eyeshadow.

The brow bone and lid are very common with contouring makeup and professional techniques. It’s also highly effective and recommended.

It’s a beautiful everyday look and can ramp up any eye makeup. A must-know beauty secret but we’re only telling you, shhh!

How to do Highlighting and Contouring

(Image from Beauty & Style)

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(Main image from Cosmopolitan)

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