How to Get Long Eyelashes Without Falsies

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How to Get Long Eyelashes

Trying some burlesque eye makeup can be a daunting task but we’re here to share our quick tips and teasing tricks on how to get long eyelashes. Now everyone can wow with a gorgeous teasing gaze.

How to Get Long Eyelashes

The internet has lots of makeup tutorials for every look. Finding the best ones can seem like a big task. This is our list of wisdom to create long eyelashes in the comfort of your own home.

We previously shared Burlesque Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners for how to shape your eyebrows, make DIY gel eyeliner, create coaxing cat eyes, get spider lashes and how to apply fake eyelashes. Now we’re going to share with you the makeup tips and tricks on how to get long eyelashes without wearing falsies.

This can be a great way to try something new and mix up your beauty regime. Add some vintage glamour to your look with these dos and don’ts that will help you on your way to a dazzling gaze.

Burlesque Beginners

Whether it’s the perfect brows, pout or skin, there’s lots of things we try to improve with makeup. The best way to do this is to take what you have and work it. To get started, here’s a little eye inspiration from some of our favourite women. You can see that there’s no one shape or size but all are fabulous.

Pretty Primer

Begin by curling your lashes with, you guessed it, your eyelash curler. Then you can apply a primer. There’s lots on the market including from CHANEL, Shiseido, Lancome and Clinique.

Alternatively, like spider lashes, take a blending brush. Then, apply a thin layer of powder to your eyelashes, top and bottom. You can use baby powder or from your compact will do. Now, you’re primed and ready.

Ample Application

Now you can apply two layers of mascara. Leave a few minutes between applications. To avoid clumping, you can take a clean and dry mascara wand and brush them through your lashes to separate them.

Shimmy and Shake

When using your wand you want to move upward from the base of your eyelashes. But you also want to move back and forth. Use this technique for both the mascara-covered and mascara-free wand.

This is used by makeup artists to ensure that all eyelashes are covered and all sides of each eyelash. This is especially important when covering up the powder or primer you previously applied.

Lithe Lines

Once your final coat is dry, it’s ugly magnifying mirror time. Where needed, take the tip of your mascara wand and touch-up. You can also use a thin-tipped liquid eyeliner which will give a smooth, deeper hue. And that’s how to get long eyelashes without falsies. Any makeup tips to add?

Try How to Burlesque Glitter Eye Makeup.


(Image from Beauty Crush. Main image from Renegade Chicks.)

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