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See this video about the Marilyn Monroe CHANEL N°5 relationship. Find out what inspired Marilyn Monroe’s world-famous response to “What do you wear to bed?”

Marilyn Monroe CHANEL N°5

Marilyn Monroe Chanel

The video pieces together the Marilyn Monroe CHANEL N°5 relationship. The aim is to discover where the Hollywood actress came up with her alluring reply to, “What do you wear to bed?” which was, “Five drops of CHANEL N°5.”

From sultry photoshoots to unheard interviews, we’re taken on a journey of discovery. As Marilyn Monroe said to one journalist [Spoiler Alert], she didn’t want to say she was “nude”. By revealing a little less, her suggestive comment got a lot more attention and went down in history.

Check out Remembering Marilyn Monroe for her 50th anniversary.

The fragrance was traditionally advertised for ‘respectable’ and ‘sexually provactive’ women. Other actresses to promote the perfume include Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Tatou and Nicole Kidman.

For the first time this year, there’s a male face of CHANEL N°5, Mr Brad Pitt. Check out the new commercial:

Which advert do you prefer? Who’s sexier? Don’t be shy, wink.

Find out why the Keira Knightley CHANEL Advert was banned.

Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

We look to influential and successful women as our inspiration and Marilyn Monroe is one such woman, to say the least.

Join us for the Burlexe show by booking your ticket.

Marilyn Monroe Chanel

(Image from Grazia)

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