Top Five Burlesque Nail Art Tutorials

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Nail Art Tutorials

We’re loving this new trend so here are our favourite nail art tutorials. The cutest way to sprinkle burlesque into your everyday life… probably.

Nail Art Tutorials

There are so many fun and easy falsies on the market, Dita Von Teese even has a range. Though, treating and pampering yourself has become more and more fashionable. If you’re going to do your nails yourself, why not have fun with it and try nail art?

There are loooooads of nail art ideas out there. Like so many others, we’ve been converted by this sassy and twee trend. Self expression on your talons? Yes please. Enjoy our top five easy nail art tutorials so you can put burlesque at your fingertips.

Glitter A-Go-Go

As the burlesque meme says, “When in doubt, just add glitter.” The first nail art tutorial has been created for beginners. If you’re new to the game or want to add a quick touch of sparkle then this look is perfect for you.

In this nail art how-to you can choose your level of glitz and the time you invest. If you want a little peppering or full glitter confetti, it’s completely up to you.

Also, personalise by trying different base colours. That’s what makes nail art a preferred choice over glitter nail varnish, for example.

Nail Art Tutorials

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Feathery Friend

In nail art it’s popular to paint your nails all one colour and have a single fingernail with a design. This way you can draw attention to your nail art, try out different styles and save time.

For some prized plumage on your paws there’s two techniques to choose from. If you’re a burlesque dancer, the likelihood is that you have a feather nearby. This tutorial will put those strays to good use.

Nail Art Tutorials

(Image from Juliana Carvalho)

For those of you with some skill in nail art and painting then you can go for the following look. A single feather can be a darling addition to any base colour so again you can choose your fave.

Nail Art Tutorials

(Image from Mamabee)

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Grrreat Gold

We’re also loving animal print at the moment so we’re loving this combo. Different coloured tips are a fresh take on an old style. This nail art takes it one step further by adding a print over the tip.

If you’re rocking block colours in your outfit, this cheeky technique can add a little drama. It also works for going from day to night. The bonus is you don’t need nail art tools. You can just flatten the tip of a toothpick and go to town.

Nail Art Tutorials

(Image from New Nail Design)

The Frosting

Again, nail art tools aren’t a must. You can use whatever is to hand. Frost your tips with this simple look. All you need is a base colour and a glitter nail polish. You don’t even need too much precision and you can party the night away.

Nail Art Tutorials

(Image from Indulgy)

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Beaded Beauty

Our main image shows some stunning beaded nails. Again, this technique is for beginners. You can use any colour beads, even a rainbow for some hundreds and thousands icing. It’s simple and simply delightful.

Nail Art Tutorials

(Image from Cute Nails)

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(Main image from Vanity Beautiful)

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