Our Top Five Vintage Beauty Tips

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Vintage Beauty

We’ve scoured the internet for the best slices of vintage beauty wisdom which can still be used today. They’re also the perfect rules to follow when creating your own vintage beauty looks.

Our Top Five Vintage Beauty Tips

Many beauty essentials of the past have become outdated by newer and shinier alternatives. Yet, there are aspects of retro glamour that we will always love, can now laugh at, are actually still true and can even complete a vintage beauty look.

Here are our top five tongue-in-cheek advertisements and advice that we love.

1. Celebrate Your Curves

Vintage Beauty

(Image from Break)

We don’t advise taking measures to gain weight for extra sex appeal but neither then nor now can ads define what is and isn’t attractive. This OTT example is just hilarious proof.

We love curves but the media nowadays generally shows one type of “sexy” and one type of woman. We all know there’s so many different types of women and beauty out there and we like to celebrate them all.

2. Matching Magic

Vintage Beauty

(Image from Lacquerous)

This advertisement gives a top tip for achieving a vintage beauty look. By matching your nail colour to your lipstick, you will instantly achieve a retro style. Simple and elegant.

LA burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese, has also brought the half-moon manicure back into use. Learn this vintage beauty technique:

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3. Face Shape is Important

Vintage Beauty Vintage Beauty

(Images from Atomic Redhead)

When it comes to vintage beauty there’s a long history dedicated to face shapes. The above image shows the multitude of dos and don’ts when it comes to vintage hairstyles.

These tips come courtesy of tips from Hollywood’s Ern and Bud Westmore. There’s plenty more on the topic however. Just see this 1930s illustration on how to pick a hat and hairstyle to match your face shape. We’ll never be at a loss again.

Vintage Beauty

(Image from Hat Academy)

Check out How to Burlesque Hairstyles for Short Hair and Long Hair.

4. Makeup Remover is a Girl’s Best Friend

Vintage Beauty

(Image from Tias)

This advert depicts two of the all-time beauty tips. Firstly, remove makeup before going to sleep. Secondly, don’t use old makeup on your skin. Two rules all women can use in their regimen. Simple.

5. Eyebrows Come in Many Shapes

The most glamorous women in history all had their own style and this can be seen simply through their eyebrows. You can learn how to find the perfect shape to suit your face in our Eye Makeup Tips.

Otherwise, the most beautiful thing is to be confident and celebrate your individuality. Everyone says so, we promise.

P.S. This image is interactive so feel free to um… touch it.

In conclusion then: look at your face, wash your face, love your shape, shape your eyebrows and some rouge never hurt. Let us know your favourite vintage beauty words of wisdom on Twitter @burlexe and on Facebook.

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(Main image from Boudoir Parlor)

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