How to Remove Stockings

Learning how to remove stockings is a seductive and sultry skill on the road to being a burlesque dancer. We share some burlesque knowledge on how and why a burlesque stocking peel is a must-have sexy skill.

How to Remove Stockings

Stockings can be part of any burlesque costume from comedy burlesque to grotesque burlesque. Though, fully fashioned stockings are most associated with classic burlesque.

Learning how to remove stockings depends on the tempo of your burlesque soundtrack and your personal style. So, we’ve nabbed the best advice from the web to show you how to remove your stockings like a pro.

Burlesque Beginners

Stockings are a flattering addition to every figure. They’re perfect for the spotlight and the boudoir. Get some inspiration with these lovely ladies:

Burlesque Beauties

Here’s our top five tips for how to remove stockings in public or private:

1. Move to the beat.

If you’re new to the stocking peel then it’s probably best to start with low tempo music. This will give you more time to remove you stockings in-time to the music. Once you’ve nailed the slower music you can experiment with different speeds. Plus, the more time you have to work with, the more time you have to tease.

How to Remove Stockings

(Burlesque gif from K969)

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2. Not all clips are made equal.

Firstly, no matter how good those super glam, super high heels look, you have to be able to dance in them. Y’know, without injury or shuffling around the stage. We’ve all been there.

Secondly, you need to be able to remove and re-apply your shoes with ease. You may have seen Dita Von Teese slip open a buckle and pop her shoe back on in front of a studio audience but this comes with practice. Practice, practice, practice.

How to Remove Stockings

(Burlesque gif from K969)

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This goes for you stockings too. Check your stocking clips before you use them. You want ones that are springy and easy to detach. Simple but important. Fumbling happens but you don’t want it to happen every time with every clip.

If fumbling does happen, use it! Ask an audience member’s help. Then if they can’t do it, it gives you a moment to figure out the problem anyway.

How to Remove Stockings

(Burlesque gif from K969)

3. Props are your best friend.

To take off stockings you would have to bend over or dangle your leg in the air and at weird angles. Whether it’s a chair, a giant shoe or a step ladder, props are your best friend.

By perching your leg on a prop there’s no need to wobble on one foot. A typical routine would begin by dancing or strutting to your prop of choice. Then you can pose your leg in a three-quarter stance. This would be followed by stroking your leg upwards slowly before removing your stocking clasps.

How to Remove Stockings

(Burlesque gif from K969)

Whether you roll, peel or push down your stockings, you can then move your leg behind you. By leaning forward and pulling the stocking off with a flourish, you can keep taut. Slowly come up-right as you pull so as not to fall.

This can all be done while resting your other hand on the prop for balance. This achieves a classic burlesque style and even better: you can just sit down.

How to Remove Stockings

(Burlesque gif of Raven Lenore)

See some of our favourites in You Gotta  Get a Gimmick.

4. Alluring eye contact.

Look at what you’re doing. Stroke thigh. Watch then look at the audience. Un-clip. Watch. Look at audience, wink. This keeps the audience’s attention on your striptease and allows you to keep a watchful eye on what you’re doing. Voila!

How to Remove Stockings

(Burlesque gif from K969)

5. Keep calm, this is burlesque.

If you want to keep your legs covered up then you can wear some fishnet tights beneath. When you take your stockings off, you can reveal and conceal. That’s what tease is all about. Beware of what undercrackers you wear to cover the top of the tights and you’re golden.

How to Remove Stockings

(Burlesque gif from K969)

Is there anything we’re missing? Who performs your favourite burlesque stocking peel? Let us know and comment with your top tip.

Christmas Stockings

Watch burlesque dancer, Kitten von Mew perform her pin-up Stocking Tease. She chooses a low seat, not recommended for beginners by the by but comfy. Enjoy a (very) early Christmas present from us to you and see how it’s done:

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(Main image from Vagabond Sister)

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