British Burlesque legend Jo King talks about her experiences on teaching burlesque and why learning burlesque can make you feel great about yourself.

Jo King and Why Learning Burlesque is Good for You

We’ve been catching up with British burlesque legend and Burlexe star, Jo King aka. Goodtime Mama Jojo. In our latest burlesque dancing video series she shares her words of wisdom on the art form.

First up Jo King showed us how to perform a glove tease in style. Then she shared a few burlesque lessons on the most common pitfalls of burlesque performers.

Goodtime Mama Jojo talks about the events that led to her founding the London Academy of Burlesque and what she learned along the way. One thing that stands out is confidence.

The media may show one type of woman or beauty but there are many more out there. Burlesque dancing can help you shimmy and shake your way to loving the type of woman you are.

We’ve heard it a million times but Jo King’s career proves that learning burlesque can help women celebrate their bodies and for that we say bravo!

Some people also learn burlesque to find a new career in burlesque dancing. Our burlesque guru also shares her tips for aspiring burlesque performers.

She advises you begin by finding your own burlesque classes and your place in the genre. Think: what’s missing from burlesque? What can you bring to the art form? Find your gimmick.

Jo’s former students include British burlesque dancers, Miss Polly Rae and now retired Kiki Kaboom. Their paths show that it requires a lot of hard work and you have to be hungry for it.

Whether you’re learning burlesque for fun or for the spotlight the benefits of burlesque are undoubtedly wonderful. We should know. Wink.

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