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On 26th April, please join us in celebrating World Burlesque Day – in these tough times, we need a reason to feel good and there’s nothing like the power of dance to release the pressure.

What is World Burlesque Day?

World Burlesque Day is an initiative set up by Sapphira, an Australian burlesque artist who’s also an entrepreneur, singer-songwriter and teacher. Her journey into burlesque began after a severe mental illness. She emerged to set up Sapphira’s Showgirls an academy for self-expression as well as the annual Ibiza Burlesque Festival.

It commemorates the life of burlesque pioneer and icon Gypsy Rose Lee, who died fifty years ago on 26th April 1970. Her legacy and affect on the art form is still felt to this day.

How to take part?

It’s super simple to take part in World Burlesque Day and Sapphira invites burlesque festivals, dance schools, performers, teachers and burlesque aficionados and lovers to take part.

How you do that can be big or small…

You can…
– host a workshop or an event
– dress up
– watch a movie
– read a book
– or simply just remove something in a sultry way (!)

The only thing asked is that you use the tag #WorldBurlesqueDay to share and show the world your appreciation of this brilliant art form.

Sapphira says, ‘Enthusiasm and positivity is infectious and we want to ignite the world with the fun of burlesque dance on World Burlesque Day. No matter where people may be in the world or if they are in lockdown or self-isolation, they can join us and celebrate. My heart goes out to those countries around the world in lockdown, in particular, my brothers and sisters in the burlesque communities in Italy and Spain where I run my own festival in Ibiza.’

Sapphira has teamed up with performers in 22 countries and counting and has asked fellow burlesque artists to share what burlesque means to them.

‘Everybody should try Burlesque at least once as it really can have a life-changing impact. As someone whose life dramatically improved after encountering Burlesque, I firmly believe in its ability to heal past traumas, boost confidence and help people to
better connect with their inner self.

‘World Burlesque Day is a chance to bring people together on the road to self acceptance and set alight their passion for Burlesque. This has been a labour of love and I feel honoured to be able to launch World Burlesque Day in 2020.

Find out more about the event at:

And connect with the event on Instagram and Facebook.

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