Eight Wonderful Bettie Page Burlesque Gifs

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Bettie Page Burlesque

Everyone needs some Bettie Page burlesque dancing in their life. Brighten your day with these eight wonderful burlesque gifs.

Bettie Page Burlesque Gifs

The iconic Bettie Page is also known as the ‘Queen of Pin-ups’. She was an influential pin up model and even posed nude. Yet, she never appeared in explicit sexual scenes. What a tease!

Luckily for us, Bettie Page was no stranger to the world of burlesque dancing. One of our favourite duets EVER saw her team up with burlesque legend, Tempest Storm for an assisted strip in Teaserama.

Her unforgettable Bettie Page hairstyle is the epitome of having a gimmick. You can still see her influence in both the pin up and burlesque industries. Whether it’s Dita Von Teese’s shoe collection, Loulou D’vil’s tattoo or Bernie Dexter‘s …everything, Bettie Page has left her mark as an idol. And we can see why.

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Bettie Page has also become influential in cheesecake photos. British cheesecake burlesque dancer, Anna Fur Laxis said, “I don’t think it would surprise anyone who knows me if I say that my biggest cheesecake inspiration comes from Bettie Page.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of looking at photographs and videos of her, she had an incredible energy which comes across even in still photographs and everything she did was infused with a playful edge – even her darkest bondage shots.”

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Watch the full video of Bettie Page burlesque dancing in 1950:

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(Burlesque gifs via K969)

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