Jennie Lee Burlesque

Enjoy Jennie Lee burlesque dancing in our latest gifs and find out why she’s such an important figure in the burlesque industry.

Jennie Lee Burlesque

Jennie Lee Burlesque

The 1950s burlesque dancer Jennie Lee was known for entrancing her audiences by spinning pastie propellers at high speeds. A talented mammary manipulator, if ever there was one. So much so that the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend named their tassel twirling award after her. The Jennie Lee Award has even been won by the likes of Miss Dirty Martini.

This honour also comes courtesy of Jennie Lee’s influence on burlesque. Her crowning glory was founding The Exotic Dancers’ League of North America (EDL). As president of the dancer’s union she fought the much-needed battle for higher pay.

The EDL slowly grew into a collection of burlesque costumes and memorabilia. Jennie Lee continued to preserve burlesque history, forming Exotic World museum in Helendale, California.

With her failing health in the late-1960s she recruited her friend Dixie Evans. Jennie Lee’s legacy has since been continued by Dixie Evans and the burlesque resurgence into what we now know as the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

Jennie Lee’s original aim was to provide retirement help for burlesque dancers and support them in ill health. This year her dream was sadly but thoughtfully recognised. In light of Dixie Evans’ failing health, the burlesque industry banded together to pay for her medical bills. You can support the cause for Dixie Evans Week though she sadly passed away in August 2013.

Jennie Lee changed the burlesque industry forever and for that we salute her. Enjoy Jennie Lee burlesque dancing:

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(Burlesque Gifs from K969)

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