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Miss Glory Pearl

Burlesque performer, Miss Glory Pearl has been on our stage, burlesque dancing. Now get her burlesque story.

Miss Glory Pearl

Name: Miss Glory Pearl.

Describe yourself in five words? Witty, unconventional, kind hearted, mercurial.

How did you get into burlesque? I got into burlesque through pole dancing. I wanted to perform pole dance professionally but didn’t want to perform at Stringfellows so I decided to find another art form I could incorporate pole dancing into and I chose burlesque.

Burlesque hero/ine? The living performer I admire the most is Catherine D’lish because she’s incredibly beautiful, sexy and talented. She’s one of the most down-to-earth people you could meet and she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Favourite burlesque routine? My Old Girl, New Tricks routine, which features a little old lady character, Ethel Musskitten. The reason I like the act so much because the character seems to really resonate with audiences because they seem to really connect with her, get behind her and are rooting for her by the end. It’s really good that audiences support the character in such a positive way.

What’s been your most triumphant moment to date? Probably getting a standing ovation at the Paris Burlesque Festival. Yes, that was awesome.

What does burlesque mean to you? Creative freedom and funny women.

Motto in life? Suck it and see.

Watch Miss Glory Pearl burlesque pole dancing:

Read Miss Glory Pearl’s take on The Future of Burlesque and see her in our new video series.

(Image from Cabaret Roulette)

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