Miss Glory Pearl’s Naked Stand Up

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Miss Glory Pearl

Burlesque performer, Miss Glory Pearl, has long been a friend of Burlexe. She has both contributed her story to our theatrical burlesque show and performed her Ethel routine in the first run of Burlexe. Now she’s pushing her own and burlesque boundaries forward with a brand new show, The Naked Stand Up.

Miss Glory Pearl’s Naked Stand Up

Miss Glory Pearl initially took the Naked Stand Up to the Fringe Festival in 2014 where it had a highly acclaimed run.

We were lucky enough to see it in Edinburgh and it’s a fascinating take on body image, self-worth, celebrity culture and Heat’s circle of shame. Intelligent and thought-provoking, it’ll live with you long after you leave the theatre.

She’s already been interviewed in the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard among others. She spoke about her background as a teacher and how its informed the show.

Miss Glory Pearl said, “I kind of am a teacher at heart. I want people to feel better, be the best they can be and in a sense the show is saying that. Don’t spend all your time and money on your waistline.”

She added, “So often after performing one of my burlesque routines (where I usually end the act in some state of undress) women come up to me and tell me how brave they think I am. I wanted to write a show that asked ‘What’s so brave about being naked, and why are so many of us ashamed of our bodies?’

“I figured that if I was going to stand on stage and say that I thought that there was nothing wrong with being naked, really I should put my money where my mouth was. So I decided I would perform the whole show in the nude.”

“Being naked has a really interesting effect on the audience dynamic. After the initial stunned silence peppered with a few stifled sniggers, the audience seem to really relax into it.

“It’s like my nakedness creates a blank canvas for the material and almost gives them permission to let themselves go and open up. No one is trying to imagine what I look like under my clothes for a start, so we can just get on with having a good laugh…. with my boobs out.”

Glory continues to speak on the subject of nudity and continues to evolve the shows as well as hosting Naked Girls Reading.

Stay in touch with her via her Facebook or Twitter.

(Image Copyright – Bill Mackellar)

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