Burlesque Documentaries

We love the performances and sneaky peeks behind-the-scenes, who doesn’t? So here’s our list of burlesque documentaries that share performers’ inspirations on screen.

Burlesque Documentaries

1. Burlesque Undressed

One of the best-known burlesque documentaries to be released in recent years is Burlesque Undressed. World renowned British burlesque dancer, Immodesty Blaize stars, narrates and produced the film which interviews the women who made the art form famous. Burlesque performers include the iconic Satan’s Angel, Dirty Martini and Dixie Evans.

The documentary tells the story of the British beginnings to the 21st century revival. It’s a feel-good tale of empowerment though it gained a critical review from The Guardian.

2. The Tease Not The Sleaze

The internet has allowed an abundance of videos to be shared online from how-tos to the Harlem Shake. It has also given the industry the opportunity to tell their side.

The Tease Not The Sleaze burlesque documentary has uploaded webisodes depicting the women who began the Academy of Burlesque & Cabaret in Edinburgh and Ministry of Burlesque performers.

3. The Daggers Are Out: A Documentary About Burlesque

Whereas, videos like The Daggers Are Out: A Documentary About Burlesque follows a small dance troupe. This particular short film looks at a three-woman burlesque dance troupe, The Dagger Dames, in Leeds. These lovely ladies discuss what brought them into the spotlight and glitter of burlesque.

4. Tits and Feathers a Burlesque Documentary

Other burlesque documentaries have used the internet as a means to an end. Tits and Feathers a Burlesque Documentary used YouTube to promote their upcoming film which looks into attitudes towards burlesque. The women in the video wish to change perceptions and crusade to make a difference. Though, it’s unknown when the feature will be released.

5. Beyond Burlesque

Meanwhile, Beyond Burlesque aims to use the internet in order to gain crowd funding. This burgeoning entrepreneurial tactic has been seen in the promotion of albums and festivals but this half finished burlesque documentary still has a little way to go.

The film delves into the New York scene with Dirty Martini making her second appearance on our list alongside Julie Atlas Muz and acclaimed boylesquer, Tigger. It also uncovers less publicised burlesquers like the disabled and transexuals.

Definitely Not-Suitable-For-Work and certainly one to watch out for.

6. Dita Von Teese Documentary

Lastly, the one woman documentary star, Dita Von Teese. The LA burlesque dancer has done a lot so it will surprise few to know that she already has more than one documentary in her back catalogue. Not only did the raven-haired siren feature on The Discovery Channel but she was also part of a raunchy French documentary which you can get a glimpse of below.

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