Burlesque Movie Soundtrack

The best burlesque movie soundtrack songs will see hit tracks written about burlesque dancers for burlesque dancers. Inspired by true stories, written by Burly-Q ladies and great pop on the silver screen.

Burlesque Movie Soundtrack Songs

5. Take It off the E String, Play It on the G String

From the 1943 film, Lady of Burlesque, ‘Take It off the E String, Play It on the G String’ has some witty and memorable lines. Who could forget, “Earning my pay/ Just by shaking this way.”

The movie was based on burlesque dancer, Gypsy Rose Lee’s novel The G-String Murders. Though, in the UK the film was titled, Striptease Lady.

Both the book and the film were crime comedies. Gypsy Rose Lee wrote herself as the main character in the original book but for the film they changed the name to Dixie Daisy.

The lead role, played by Barbara Stanwyck, sees her perform some entertaining musical numbers as a Broadway showgirl. Unfortunately the film was sanitised and hid the risqué bump ‘n’ grind moves due to censorship of the time.

Still, it’s a great song inspired by the mind of the burlesque legend herself. The film’s music was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Score.

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4. Welcome to Burlesque

Cher has always been a burlesque icon. She continues to push boundaries in her long running career as a singer and actress. She also stars in the 2010 Burlesque film.

Cher plays Tess, the owner of a floundering LA burlesque club. She’s the only live singer in the shows that perform on her stage.

In walks the heroine, who is bewitched by Cher’s ‘Welcome to Burlesque’ performance. As the film advertises, “It takes a legend to make a star.”

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3. Lady Marmalade/Because We Can/Smells Like Teen Spirit Medley

Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya and Lil’ Kim performed the hit song ‘Lady Marmalade‘ from the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack. Now we may be cheating but the scene from the film has a lot more excitement.

‘Lady Marmalade’ is mixed with ‘Because We Can’ from Fatboy Slim and Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. The Diamond Dogs of the Moulin Rouge act as the  lusty seductresses.  They can-can their way across the dancefloor, part dance troupe and part courtesans.

As the songs overlap so does the dancefloor. Can-can girls merge with the top and tailed men begging the women, “Entertain us.” Creating a motley crew of debauchery and mayhem. Delightful.

This wonderful scene of skirts flying, legs kicking and indulgent excess shows how well the film adapts pop classics to the life of a Parisian showgirl.

You might be tempted to protest and say ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ is a much better scene, song and burlesque act. Well, we can’t legally use a video of that. So, you’re wrong. Eyelash flutter. Enjoy:

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2. Express

Christina Aguilera has been part of the LA burlesque scene for a number of years. She’s a well-known former member of The Pussycat Dolls burlesque troupe, before they became a pop band.

The hit from the Burlesque movie soundtrack was ‘Express’, performed by Christina Aguilera. She even sang it in the X Factor Final. The singer turned actress also has a writer’s credit for the track.

In fact, she was involved in singing and writing for both ‘Show Me How You Burlesque’ and ‘Bound to You’ that featured on the Burlesque movie soundtrack too.

The Burlesque film may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s to their credit that they chose an actress who lives burlesque. Plus, there may be sprinkles of truth to the story. The film was directed by Steve Antin who is, the creator of The Pussycat Dolls, Robin Antin‘s brother. Just saying.

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1. You’ve Gotta Have A Gimmick

The catchy and hilarious burlesque song, ‘You’ve Gotta Have A Gimmick’ is from Gypsy (1962). The film is based on the memoirs of, you guessed it, Gypsy Rose Lee.

The song displays the importance of standing out and being unique in the world of burlesque. Being different is what makes an act and burlesque performer successful, a lesson we like to apply to life.

This fantastic performance has often been replicated and few have been more memorable than Lily Savage, Cilla Black and Barbara Windsor at the Royal Variety Show. See the original and remember why:

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