Burlesque History – Inspired by Miss Glory Pearl

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Burlexe burlesque films are an insight into burlesque history this includes our story inspired by Miss Glory Pearl. She’s one of the modern burlesque dancers defining the genre today.

Burlesque History – Inspired by Miss Glory Pearl

At the heart of Burlexe is the herstory of showgirls in both our live pop-up theatrical burlesque shows and in our online brand. We share the stories of the women who created the genre alongside those re-imagining and redefining the genre today.

Over the years we, here at Burlexe, have heard many stories about why burlesque is good for you but one in particular stuck with us. Our latest story comes from one of the burlesque dancers and actresses we’ve teased in our Burlexe burlesque films.

British burlesque dancer, Miss Glory Pearl, first joined our ranks in 2011 for our live London burlesque show. Soon she was not only a effeuilleuse on a stage but a muse in our hearts.

Her unabashed tale of the road from bipolar to the pole is a modern classic in our books. It’s also brought to life here by fellow modern burlesque dancer, Ginger Blush.

This showgirl herstory shows the rainbow of experiences, influences and personalities that are drawn to the spotlight and this life. Stay tuned for future instalments.

The Burlexe Cast and Crew

Here’s to comedy sex kitten, friend of Burlexe and burlesque performer, Ginger Blush. She showed us her serious side and made this burlesque monologue her own.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the lovely Neil Charlwood for his mad filming and editing skills. Plus, our wonderful stylist, Holly Symmons, and hair and makeup magic from Sue Michael of Novel Beings.

Stay tuned for future excerpts from our burlesque shows and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Spot the one and only, Miss Glory Pearl in our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

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