Burlesque History – Inspired by Lydia Thompson

The sixth in our series of burlesque history short films is played by British burlesque dancer, Ginger Blush. She shares the story of Lydia Thompson.

Burlesque History – Inspired by Lydia Thompson

Burlexe is known for sharing the herstory of showgirls in their live pop-up burlesque shows and in our online magazine. Now we’ve launched this short film series about burlesque history.

Showgirls have always been imbued with visions of glamour, mystery and often an infamous reputation. We share their herstory in a rare female-run industry.

Our latest video stars British burlesque dancer, Ginger Blush who has previously been seen in our live shows. She has taken on the role inspired by Lydia Thompson.

The latter is a burlesque legend and pioneer who brought burlesque shows to America. The art form was more akin to a variety show style at the time. Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes burlesque troupe managed to be groundbreaking within this genre.

Her story goes down in burlesque history as one of the most notorious and influential in history. Our sexy silent movie embraces her spirit and dedication to her calling.

This includes Lydia Thompson’s arrest which gave her and her burlesque troupe even more attention. Not forgetting their teasing ankles in stockings (scandalous for the time, trust us). Plus their cross dressing, satire and showwomanship. A woman to remember.

The Burlexe Cast and Crew

Here’s to comedy sex kitten, friend of Burlexe and burlesque performer, Ginger Blush. She embodies the wit and ¬†mischief of a fascinating woman in history.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the lovely Neil Charlwood for his mad filming and editing skills. Alongside, our wonderful stylist, Holly Symmons, and hair and makeup magic from Sue Michael of Novel Beings.

Stay tuned for future excerpts from our burlesque shows and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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