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The fourth in our series of Burlexe burlesque films is inspired by the Josephine Baker story and played by neo-burlesque dancer, Fancy Chance. Watch it now.

Inspired by the Josephine Baker Story

We’re known for our online magazine that shares the stories of burlesque dancers and inspirational women alike. Alongside, our pop-up theatrical burlesque shows, known as “The Vagina Monologues of Burlesque”.

Our latest Burlexe burlesque films bring these two together through online videos that share the herstory of showgirls. These women’s stories deserve to be told and heard.

Whether it’s burlesque legends or women performing today we take inspiration from their bios and sprinkle them with our Burlexe magic. The latest instalment is inspired by Josephine Baker.

The famed 1920s burlesque dancer was born in St. Louis and took her brand of showgirl glamour across the word to superstardom in Paris. She also spent her life fighting prejudice and injustice.

Josephine Baker’s legacy in dancing, fashion and politics is undeniable. An amazing woman and a fantastic story.

There continues to be countless burlesque acts that follow her lead and she remains an icon of the genre. It’s no wonder we too felt the love.

The Burlexe Cast and Crew

Neo-burlesque dancer, Fancy Chance stars in our latest video. She expresses the spirit, attitude and fortitude of this amazing woman in history.

We first met Fancy Chance in 2010 when she began collaborating with us for our very first London burlesque show. She has since acted and, yes, burlesque danced her way across our stage many times. We’re proud to welcome her back to the fold to bring our brand of burlesque to the masses.

She’s also looking oh-so fab-u-lous in her self-styled gettup. Stay tuned for more Fancy coming soon…

Not forgetting, a big thank you to the lovely Neil Charlwood for his mad filming and editing skills.

You can also watch the story of burlesque revised by UK burlesque stars and actresses in just 70 seconds.

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