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This instalment in our series of burlesque history short films tells the story inspired by Tura Satana and played by British actress, Chloe Ewart.

Tura Satana Burlesque History Film

At the heart of Burlexe is the herstory of showgirls. It’s the women who began the art form and continue it today. Now we’re spreading the burlesque history love in our short films series. These are snapshots of the burlesque monologues told in our live burlesque shows.

We’ve given you our take on burlesque legend, Gypsy Rose Lee. Not forgetting the notorious showgirl, Lydia Thompson.

Now, we’re interpreting the spirit, sex appeal, vulnerability and hard edge of one Tura Satana. Her difficult start and triumphant legacy are forever an inspiration.

In her life she went through encampment, relocation to America, rape and revenge. Then she found burlesque dancing and all that comes with it.

For many the genre is an opportunity to express their sexuality and reclaim their pedestal. Tura Satana did just that and much more.

She has gone down in history as a cult icon and unforgettable burlesque legend. A woman worth remembering and cherishing. Tura Satana we salute you!

Burlexe Burlesque Team

British actress and Burlexe bestie, Chloe Ewart has been with us from the start. She performed in our very first burlesque show dontchaknow.

In our live performances, Chloe Ewart is the emotional heart of the show. This burlesque history film is no different.

To achieve our modernised version of Tura Satana burlesque goddess, Chloe is wearing a hot pink quarter cup bra. Plus, a leather jacket from Miss Selfridge. The look has then been completed with a pair of Glorious Pasties.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to the lovely Neil Charlwood for his mad filming and editing skills. Alongside, our wonderful stylist, Holly Symmons, and hair and makeup magic from Sue Michael of Novel Beings.

Stay tuned for future excerpts from our burlesque shows and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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