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Burlexe spoke to one of their lovely burlesque night London actresses, Dympna Messenger. We asked about what influence and impact Burlexe has had on her since she was introduced to the show.

Dympna in our Burlesque Night London

Dympna Messenger is one of the original Burlexe show actresses. She has been with us since our first burlesque night London. Alongside Chloe Ewart and Fancy Chance, Dympna has been performing burlesque monologues and appeared in our burlesque films too.

Alongside Chloe Ewart and Fancy Chance, Dympna has been performing burlesque monologues, inspired by various performers.

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We talked to Dympna about her experience of being in the show which includes portraying the wonderful Jo King. She even admitted that we introduced her to the fabulous world of burlesque.

Introduce yourself: “My name is Dympna Messenger and I’m an actress. I’ve also been a producer and I’ve been performing in the Burlexe show since it started, I’ve performed in most of the shows and thoroughly enjoyed them.”

How did you get involved in Burlexe? “I answered an advert that Howard put in Casting Call Pro, a casting sheet that I subscribe to. Then I went for an audition with Howard and that’s how I got involved.”

What was your initial thoughts on burlesque and Burlexe? “To be honest, I really didn’t know very much about it. I knew burlesque was satire, traditionally. I really knew very little till I did the job.
“It’s been a complete revelation finding out about this world of burlesque and Burlexe. I’ve met lots of interesting women who do burlesque, very brave women. I didn’t really have any preconceptions. I knew about Gypsy and striptease but that was it until I became involved.”

What impact and influence has Burlexe had on you? “Burlexe opened my eyes to a whole world I didn’t know existed and I’ve met very interesting women which is why I think it makes an interesting show because all these women who do burlesque have a story and that’s probably why they do such an interesting job like burlesque.”

Describe yourself in five words. “Funny, mercurial, energetic, curious and traditional.”

Life’s motto: “Unto everything a season. Fate knows best. Listen to your instincts.”

Watch Dympna in a short film series inspired by Betsy Boudoir.

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