Our long-term collaborator, Burlesque Artist, Fancy Chance

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Burlesque Night London

Clown, cabaret star, hair hanger(!) and burlesque performer Fancy Chance has been collaborating with Burlexe since its inception.

Burlesque Night London Actress Fancy Chance

Fancy Chance is one of the original Burlexe show actresses, originally introduced to creative director Howard Wilmot by producer Lara Clifton, she loved the idea of the show and the rest is history.

Alongside Chloe Ewart and Dympna Messenger, Fancy Chance has been performing burlesque monologues. and performing in the show.

She’s also delivered a variety of guest burlesque performances from her famous burlesquing of burlesque, see below to her famous Alice in Wonderland and Star Trek performances.

We didn’t even hold a gun to her head or anything but she says, “The cast has been really great and it has been nice acting as opposed to acting in my burlesque shows.

Howard is utterly fantastic, it has been lovely getting to know him and the rest of the cast and I really enjoyed The Shadow Lounge. It’s nice to be a part of something that’s a theatre show and a burlesque show and the audiences have been great.”

Fancy Chance Burlesque

Read the history of the Burlexe Show.

And you can of course, check out Fancy Chance in our quick fire, What is Burlesque gallop through history…

Main image from David Bowman

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