Kele Le Roc Interview: Talking Burlexe

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Kele Le Roc

Kele Le Roc will be taking to the stage again to host Burlexe on 25th April 2012. We grabbed her for a quick-fire five minute interview to talk about Burlexe, burlesque and more.

Kele Le Roc Interview: Talking Burlexe

What did you know about burlesque before getting involved in the show? Before getting involved, I’d been to the Erotica Fair and I’d seen Dita Von Teese who’s arguably the queen of burlesque. I knew that burlesque was about striptease and that it was opulent classy demure striptease.

But Burlexe is a very unique experience. We have striptease but it’s not just stripping we have special guests who all have their own way of doing it – some super sexy, some hilarious. And then we have singing, aka me and then there’s the acting, telling stories of women who are all inspirational. It’s a really different but positive experience.

How have your fans responded to you being in this show? The people who come to see me might know me from my pop or dance stuff but I’d like to consider myself as multi-faceted and multi-talented. Burlexe shows me in this other light.

What I love about Burlexe is it’s a family. And I’m very proud to be part of this show. I think people feel that when they come away from the show: they go with positive energy. They always come away with something positive to say.

Has Burlexe made you want to perform burlesque? Every show I do I want to take my clothes off! But maybe one day.

I’d have to do a good act and incorporate singing. Without a doubt. But burlesque dancers are so inspiring – especially when you see girls who are sexy and really know what they’re doing.

Why should you come to Burlexe? People spend too much time on a computer nowadays, not relating to people and I’m all for new experiences. And especially new experiences where you leave feeling uplifted, encouraged and entertained to boot.

Burlexe has some really beautiful moments that’ll touch you in a profound way.

Watch Kele Le Roc open up in this honest and revealing interview:

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Kele Le Roc

(Main image from David Bowman)

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