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In 2012, we moved from showcase to a Burlexe run at the now legendary Shadow Lounge.

The original cast of Javine Hylton, Chloe Ewart, Dympna Messenger and Fancy Chance was boosted by the hosting skills of Jo King and the arrival of burlesque performer-turned-actress, Kiki Kaboom and another memorable auditionee, Gillian MacGregor (whose fantastic acting skills you can also see in our Burlesque Films).

All-star Burlesque Performers

The cast for the Burlexe run was rounded out by a series of guest performers from the world of burlesque – we were spoilt for choice – but included the likes of Aurora Galore, Dinah Might, Ginger Blush, Luna Rosa, Miss Glory Pearl and Rubyyy Jones.

The Shadow Lounge went on to become a long term home for us – which made more sense when Burlexe segued into Boylexe; we chose it because it made the show feel like the experience we wanted it to be. The performers could perform in and around the audience who were seated in booths and on a sunken Saturday Night Fever-style dance floor.

Aaaand of course there was our lovely audience.

You can see their thoughts on the show including the fan who described our show as, “Jam packed full of sexy dancing, quirky stories and tit tassels. I would try burlesque now. It’s the creme of la femme.”

Here’s how we were looking then.

Main image by John Bland at OEM Film.

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