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Burlexe has been on quite a journey since Howard Wilmot brought this to life almost ten years ago and is now entering a new cross-platform entertainment phase.

We’re calling it Burlexe 3.0!

Cross-Platform Entertainment

While things have been quiet for what feels like the longest of times, we have a long standing digital presence – and you’re on it!

The past couple of years may have appeared that we were keeping a low-profile but there’s been significant work behind-the-scenes to bring about Burlexe 3.0 and deliver the fully-rounded 360 degree, real-world/digital concept it was originally intended as – and which you may only have had a glimpse of via Burlexe and Boylexe.

Our dream is to make Burlexe cross-platform entertainment where our digital and social platforms are as entertaining as what we offer in our shows.

And at the heart of the new project are a number of exciting collaborations, digital and otherwise, which we’ll be thrilled to share with you imminently.

But to kick you off… here are a few of the new changes…

The A-to-Z of Burlesque

In the meantime, if you’ve not checked us out for a while, we’re currently running a series entitled the A-to-Z of Burlesque on Instagram, featuring Howard’s alphabetical illustrations.

The Burlexe Boutique

We’ve been working to create, curate and collate some new products for a Burlexe store – including the Burlexe T-shirt, as modelled by Marie Antoinette. Well, kinda.

At the moment, we only have a handful of items, but there will be more to come, so please stand by and/or sign up to our mailing list for new releases.

Collaborate with Us

If you’d like to collaborate with us on this new world of cross-platform entertainment, we’d seriously love to hear from you. Our best work has been a coming together of creative people- and we’re kicking off with a collaboration with Anna Fur Laxis.

But we are definitely open (and indeed looking for) actors, actresses, performers of all types, songwriters, storytellers, creatives and manufacturers.

Please feel free to hit us up.

You can email


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