How Do Pasties Stay On

Our latest burlesque dancing wisdom answers: how do pasties stay on? Find out how you can keep yours pert and in place with these top tips.

How Do Pasties Stay On?

Burlesque pasties are an essential part of any burlesque costume and can also add a little spice to your boudoir lingerie. Attaching nipple pasties and keeping them on, however, can be a challenge. Here’s our answer to: how do pasties stay on?

Firstly, your skin needs to be clean and dry which includes no moisturiser or oil, according to Jo Boobs Weldon. This allows burlesque pasties to stick directly to the skin.

All adhesives are put on the edge of the burlesque pasties. There is no need to put them on the centre or on your nipple area. Trust us, you don’t want to be ripping them off from there.

Similarly, don’t use your nipple as the centre point of the boob as it may not be. Use a mirror to find the middle point and line up the centre of the pasties with the visual centre of your breast. This can give the appearance of symmetry.

Now, here are the top ways to apply burlesque pasties and nipple tassels.

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Double Sided Tape Pasties

You can buy double sided tape quite easily and cheaply online. This is not the stationary type for paper or household objects but rather the likes of fashion tape to avoid any unfortunate “wardrobe malfunctions”.

Burlesque Clothing, similarly, recommends toupee tape. These are the perfect options for sensitive skin. Plus they’re relatively easy to apply with little mess.

Pasties Adhesive

You can also buy specific body or pastie glue. Likewise you can use eyelash glue as a simple substitute.

Like when using it on your eye area, first apply to the pasties then wait a few seconds before putting it on your chest.

Holding it in place for a few extra seconds can also help. Then voilà!  This is often the easiest method to clean off and it’s usually close at hand. *Bats eyelashes*.

Burlesque dancers often use these methods night-in and night-out so finding the method you are most comfortable with is very important. Then the fun can really begin.

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(Images: Lost In Lingerie, Rose Apodaca, The Lingerie Files, Burlesque Fashion and Amber and Indigo.)

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