Burlesque Classes with Jo King


Thank you for joining these sessions with Jo King. You’re joining over 10,000 women (and men) who have attended her London Academy of Burlesque, learnt burlesque and so much more about themselves with her. We hope you enjoy these classes.

You can stop and start these clips at any stage but we recommend you go through them in order. And you may want to familiarise yourself with our exclusive track, Star of the Show first.

Ready? Let’s do it!!

Purchase the full masterclass to receive over 45 minutes of instruction. Jo will walk you through the basics of burlesque, helping you with all the core moves and how to put them all together in various ways with the exclusive Burlexe track, ‘Star of the Show’.

Or purchase individual lessons for £4.50 to learn separate moves of your choice.

Intrigued? Why not try our Wiggling lesson for FREE, to learn more about our fabulous masterclass.

Full Burlesque Masterclass
Over 45 minutes of burlesque classes.

Warm up
Just under 9 minutes to get you ready

Strike a pose in just 4 minutes

5 minutes to get your wiggle

3 and a half minutes to grind those hips

7 and a half minutes to make it sexy

Two types of turn in just under 5 minutes

The Top Shimmy
Two and a half minutes to work it!

Bottom work
5 minutes of pure bottom magic

Reveal and conceal
2 and a half minutes to add some special sauce

2 minutes to connect with your body

Remove them elegantly in 5 minutes

Putting it all together #1
All the moves in action

Putting it all together #2
All the moves in action… and now with music


Burlexe, its teachers and collaborators accept no responsibility for the occurrence of any new or re-occurrence of any existing medical conditions and/or any injuries you may sustain during, or as a result of taking part in any of our online classes, courses or workshops.

It is up to you, the student, to ascertain what you can (or cannot) comfortably achieve. If you are not in good health or if you are pregnant, please seek medical advice prior to booking a class.

By clicking ‘PLACE ORDER’, you are verifying that you have read this disclaimer and purchase of the course is an acceptance of these terms.

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